Victoria Rose: Oklahoma Miracle Baby With Missing Genes Celebrates Her First Birthday

A baby dubbed the Oklahoma “Miracle Baby” celebrated her first birthday on Saturday, ABC News reports. Victoria Rose, the little baby girl who turned one last weekend, is battling a rare condition that has left her vulnerable to diseases. Born with a cleft lip, a cleft palate, and a hole in her heart, Victoria has been facing challenges since her birth last July. While these conditions are known to occur in newborn babies, Victoria Rose is also battling a condition so rare, many doctors say it is perhaps the only recorded case of such a phenomenon. Victoria Rose is missing her 72 genes on her seventh chromosome. This is a condition that doctors treating her at the OU Children’s Hospital have never come across.

Soon after her birth, Victoria’s mother, Anesha Davis, was also told by doctors that everyday for Victoria would be a battle for survival, KSWO News reports. The rarity of Victoria’s condition also meant doctors did not know what to expect. However, beating all odds, Victoria has survived a full year — surprising even her doctors. Anesha knew that her baby was special even before she gave birth. Just two months into her pregnancy, Anesha discovered that her baby suffered from congenital defects.

“She is one of a kind literally. She is the only child to ever have her condition and she has a lot of similar conditions to other children like her cleft lip, cleft palate, her trach, her heart condition but she is actually she is the only person to ever be missing her 72 genes on her 7th chromosome,” Davis says.

While there are several medical disorders linked to the seventh chromosome, this is the first time that the chromosome has found to be lacking in genes altogether. Victoria’s condition therefore has no name and as of now doctors are calling “Victoria Syndrome.”

The past year has been a tough time for Anesha, Victoria, and her family members. Victoria has never left the hospital since her birth. In fact, only a few weeks ago, open-heart surgery was performed on the little girl to correct her heart defect. Another heart surgery is planned for next year, following which doctors believe the blood flow in her heart could be improved. They also expect Victoria to lead a normal life post the second heart surgery.

An emotional Anesha explains what her daughter means to her.

“She is my source of strength. Like she helps me get through days when I think I just can’t go on and it’s just too hard but then I see how hard she is fighting and she does it so why can’t I.”

On Saturday, family and friends gathered in a room a few yards away from Victoria and they celebrated her first birthday there.

“Oh my goodness! I can’t even imagine that we are having her birthday party. It’s crazy. You know all the times that I thought this baby has gone through so much. She has got to be tired of fighting, but she is still fighting and we’re still here,” said Davis.

Anesha is a single mother of two and has quit her job to be with Victoria.

[Image Via ABC News]