Hussein Fatal, Member Of The Outlawz And Tupac Affiliate, Dies In Car Crash

Hussein Fatal, friend of Tupac Shakur and member of rap group The Outlawz died in a car wreck yesterday, at age 38. Little information has been released so far, but The Outlawz have confirmed Hussein’s death on Twitter, and other friends have paid tribute. The group are also requesting donations to help pay for Fatal’s funeral costs.

As TMZ reports, Fatal is probably best known to many for his work on Tupac’s notorious diss track of Biggie Smalls, “Hit ‘Em Up, performing the song’s second verse. Hussein, whose real name was Bruce Washington, Jr., also appeared on two tracks featured in Tupac’s legendary album All Eyez on Me.

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His Outlawz bandmates, Mutah “Napoleon” Beale, and EDIDON both paid their respects to Fatal on social media.

Outlawz bandmate Napoleon confirmed Hussein's death and paid his respects to the rapper on Facebook.
Outlawz bandmate Napoleon confirmed Hussein's death and paid his respects to the rapper on Facebook.

Ja Rule, who Hussein colloborated with on his 2003 album Blood In My Eye, took to Instagram to pay tribute, The Daily Mail reports.

“Damn I’m gonna miss my ni**a all them late night talks about industry bulls**t all the city’s we tore down real ni**a we had a lot of good times my brother Rip soldier I’m gonna miss u!!!”

As well as his work with The Outlawz, Hussein also released two solo albums. In The Line of Fire in 1998, and Fatal in 2002. Despite both being relatively unknown, In The Line of Fire has received praise, with Allmusic describing the album as blending both east coast and west coast styles (Hussein was a New Jersey native.)

It is unknown how Hussein’s death will effect the group, who released their last album four years ago, and whether they will be able to continue without him. We will update this story with any updates on the circumstances surrounding Fatal’s death if they are released.

For now, I’ll leave you with Fatal’s most famous appearance, on “Hit ‘Em Up” (NSFW Audio.) In Hussein’s death, The Outlawz have lost a friend, and we’ve lost an important figure from hip hop’s golden age.

Update: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Hussein Fatal’s girlfriend, 31-year-old Zanetta Yearby, has been charged with DUI, vehicular homicide, and reckless driving in connection with the crash. Yearby was allegedly driving when the car left the road on the I-85 in Banks County, Georgia. Fatal was ejected from the car during the crash and killed.

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