Can ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Compete With ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’?

Legends of Tomorrow will be the next DC Comics superhero TV show to stalk the airwaves. If it can repeat the same dynamic that occurred with The Flash when it spun off from Arrow as it spins off from both shows, than it can outdo its superhero TV predecessors and give us three simultaneous superhero hits on The CW.

Legends of Tomorrow will, of course, feature characters we know from the other two shows, while introducing a set of new ones. Legends of Tomorrow probably won’t sink. DC has a good formula for creating soap-opera level emotional conflict and drama in the lives of those more perfect than we are. It makes the characters approachable, and makes us all feel that having super powers isn’t the solution to life’s problems.

According to ET, Legends of Tomorrow will be introduced mid-season, in the midst of Arrow and The Flash episodes that will work to set things up for Legends of Tomorrow to come about. The CW gave fans a new trailer for the show at Comic-Con this past Saturday. The lineup of characters looks exciting.

Expect to see Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, White Canary, Firestorm, Rip Hunter, and The Atom. Hawkman is also expected to appear on Legends of Tomorrow, though it is not known when or in what capacity. Vandal Savage will play the villain. We’ve already seen Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and Firestorm on The Flash, and The Atom and Sara Lance, the White Canary, already appeared on Arrow.

Perhaps The Flash was only The CW warming up for what was to come. If they can successfully introduce a team on the small screen, then perhaps there would be less pressure to battle Marvel on the big one. DC is looking good, showing off all its new stuff at a Comic-Con that Marvel didn’t even bother to attend. Perhaps Marvel has outgrown these sorts of events?

DC has done great with the recent shows focusing on a single character and adding to that would only mean more action, more drama, and tons more special effects. Supergirl is also coming to TV, but she’ll be on CBS. A new trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was also revealed. But Legends of Tomorrow has surefire hits standing beside it on The CW, and is most likely to succeed on a stage crowded with superheroes.

[Screenshot via The CW Television Network / YouTube]