Teen Uses Hand Sanitizer And Lighter To Set 11-Year-Old Boy On Fire

A 17-year-old teen was arrested after he sprayed an 11-year-old boy with hand sanitizer and set him on fire. The 11-year-old Glenn Spears says he was playing outside of a friends house when 17-year-old Rayfiq Tiggle walked in front of the group carrying some hand sanitizer. Tiggle then sprayed the group with the sanitizer before holding a lighter to Glenn’s body. The boy suffered second degree burns all along the left side of his body from the horrifying incident that his parents say the teen learned from watching a prank video online.

Fox 29 reports that 11-year-old Glenn Spears suffered second degree burns from a dangerous prank performed by a teen. The teen, 17-year-old Rayfiq Tiggle, allegedly approached a group of boys before spraying them with hand sanitizer and lighting one on fire.

“He started to spray it on us and when I was wiping it off he lit it on fire.”

The incident happened at around 7:40 p.m. in a southwest Philadelphia neighborhood on Wednesday. The injured boy spent the day in the hospital receiving treatment for the extensive burns as Philadelphia police arrested Tiggle.

Glenn’s mother, Kristal Manago, says that her son initially tried to hide the burns from her but she immediately noticed something was wrong when she saw bubbling on her son’s skin. Glenn said he tried to hide the burns from his mother because Tiggle told him not to tell anybody. Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker says the boy is lucky he wasn’t wearing a shirt when the incident took place. It was noted that the boy had just come from the swimming pool, so he hadn’t put back on his shirt yet. Walker says that if he had been wearing a cotton shirt, the situation could have been much worse.

“It’s totally unacceptable behavior, but it’s something that could’ve been much worse. If he had clothing on and he sprayed his clothing, cotton clothing and the stuff ignited he could get burned up pretty well and possibly die.”

It was also noted that police think the teen may have learned what he did from watching a similar prank online. Meanwhile, Glenn’s mother says she is still waiting on word from the doctors on whether or not her son will need skin grafts for the burns.

The Washington Post reports that police found two lighters on Tiggle when they arrested him. Tiggle is being tried as an adult in the burning case and is being held on $100,000 bond.

[Image Credit: Mugshot]