WWE News: Update On Why WWE Wants Finn Balor Versus Kevin Owens At ‘NXT Takeover’ In Brooklyn

WWE’s Beast In The East special on the WWE Network was terrific. WWE went to Japan and had an amazing event that people are still talking about. One of the top matches of the show going in was the NXT Championship match between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor. Balor was able to beat Owens for the title in an amazing match up. Most thought we wouldn’t see a rematch, considering the fact that Owens is on the main roster now.

WWE decided to go with the rematch anyway at NXT Takeover in Brooklyn, New York. This show will happen on the night before WWE SummerSlam. Many wondered why WWE went with the rematch, as it didn’t seem to make sense. Now we at least have an idea as to why. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE wants to have a big main event that can rival Indy shows in the area. ROH will be in the same city, and it make sense to think that Owens/Balor would do big live numbers. There was a concept that Samoa Joe would face Balor originally.

WWE simply felt that Samoa Joe/Balor could happen later and it wouldn’t sell as much as the rematch with Kevin Owens. We probably will still see Samoa Joe on the show, however, who he will face is not yet known.

The NXT Takeover show is looking to be pretty impressive to say the least. We could see a ton of great matches and new names competing on the show. People like Uhaa Nation are speculated to be on the next batch of NXT tapings leading into Takeover. He very well could make an impact on Takeover that would help him become one of the top stars there. Nation would be a great and essential star for NXT if he can manage to get over.

While many of the same guys like Tyler Breeze and Baron Corbin will get their opportunity to show what they have the remainder of the year, WWE is clearly trying to stack the NXT event in Brooklyn. They are allowing NXT to work the same arena the main roster works the following night. This is pretty cool to see. If NXT can sell out, it would prove that WWE NXT is just as big of a product as anything WWE has on the main roster right now.

Finn Balor and Kevin Owens could bring down the house yet again. The main event is clearly going to be fun. One has to wonder if Owens will work both the NXT show and SummerSlam the following night. It could be interesting to see, but we won’t know until the storylines are set up.

[IMG Credit: Rant Sports]