Dallas Police Officer Investigated In Child Sex Abuse Case, Victim 8-Year-Old Girl, Report Says

A shocking report out of Kaufman County, Texas — a county encompassing many suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth — accuses a Dallas Police officer of sexual assault. The victim in the case, according to a Friday statement issued by the Kaufman County Sheriff’s office, is an 8-year-old girl.

The name of the victim, as is usual in cases involving individuals who are minors or suspected sexual assault victims, was not released. But the sheriff’s office said that the accused officer was a friend of the little girl’s family.

The statement identified the Dallas police officer as Ryan Ramirez, 33, who works in the Dallas Police Department’s narcotics unit, according to two local media outlets, KXAS-TV and KTVT-TV. The latter, a local CBS affiliate, is the outlet that first reported the story of the Dallas police officer investigated for child sex abuse.

The Kaufman County Sheriff’s statement said that the accusations against Ramirez would now be placed in the hand of a grand jury. At this point, Ramirez has not been arrested or formally charged with anything.

But Kaufman County has investigated an accusation of aggravated sexual assault by Ramirez against the little girl.

Under the legal definition, “aggravated” sexual assault can refer to a number of different types of sex assault, but includes “an act of sexual penetration with another person” when that other person is younger than 13-years-old. The term can also refer to, among other thing, a sexual assault against a person who is mentally or physically impaired.

The Dallas Police Department confirmed that Ramirez is one of its officers, and that he has been placed on administrative leave due to the investigation conducted by Kaufman County. But a spokesperson who talked to the local CBS television news outlet said that he was not aware of why Ramirez was being investigated.

The alleged sex assault on the 8-year-old girl took place in June of this year. The accusations against Ramirez came in the same week that a Maryland state trooper was arrested for allegedly forcing a woman to perform a sex act at gunpoint while the trooper was off duty.

The latest stories of alleged sexual misconduct by a police officer come about two months after a sheriff’s deputy in Florida, Matthew Donnelly, was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman after pulling over to help a couple in distress on New Year’s Eve.

No further details on the sex assault accusation against the Dallas police officer were made public.

[Image: Dallas Police Department]