Truth Riders Take Vans Warped Tour To Continue Fight Vs. Teen Smoking

Jon Fisher

According to, over 4,000 cigarettes have been erased. More than 43,000 people joined the Truth campaign in their mission to end teen smoking. "#FinishIt" has more than 2 million followers on Facebook, and nearly 110,000 followers on Twitter. There are plenty more statistics, but at the Vans Warped Tour, the Truth campaign's impact was visibly witnessed.

At Warped Tour, a group of Truth followers called the "Truth Riders" got together at a truck inside the event and had a dance party. The act sounds rudimentary, but their intent at Warped Tour was to promote the end of teen smoking. DJ Skate Deck

Felix Lamorena, manager at that specific Truth Rider event, said they were at Warped Tour for one purpose, and that was to advertise to a place where teenagers attend and show them the Truth campaign.

"Warped Tour is the perfect place to have this campaign. We're aiming to talk to young people about the dangers of tobacco, as well as the facts about the tobacco industry. Most teens are the ones who smoke. The Warped Tour is the perfect place for us to be at," said Lamorena.

The Truth campaign didn't stop at only the Vans Warped Tour, but they are now receiving national attention from people all over the world. In a video Truth created this February called "Left Swipe Dat," Fifth Harmony and Becky G joined together to write this song that has over 2 million viewers on YouTube.

"I think it's a little bit of the national exposure and what we're doing. So, right now about 8% of teens smoke. Last year, we were at 9%. We've brought it down to 8 %. I think it's the combination of us being in places like this and we can talk to people one-on-one and also talk to people as a whole."

The Truth Riders are not done promoting good will and the end of teen smoking, as they will tour with the Vans Warped Tour until August 8. As for their plans after Warped Tour, it looks like the Truth Riders are just getting started.

"We are currently at Mayhem Festival as we speak. So, there's two different Truth teams. There's a Mayhem team and a team here at Warped Tour. We also have stuff planned for the month of August, like the East Coast Surfing championships and other events we're working on," said Lamorena.

[Image via Truth]