Son Spends Year Creating Heart-Warming Video Of Mother’s Best Qualities To Find Her A Suitor [Video]

Alex Lyngaas says his mother deserves a good man and decided to take matters into his own hands. The loving son created a tribute video to his mother Eva, titled “Looking for Adam,” that outlines all of his mother’s best qualities. He published the video in hopes that a deserving man would see the video and contact him about a possible date with Eva. Since the video was uploaded in May, it has received over nine million views with numerous potential suitors contacting the woman in hopes of earning a date.

“Looking for Adam” was posted by Alex Lyngaas after a year of secretly filming his mother. The 69-year-old Eva is from the Czech Republic but lives in Norway after divorcing her second husband seven years ago. Alex says that his mom is a “total catch” and should be back on the dating scene. Therefore, he created the video that outlines his mother’s best qualities in hopes of Mr. Right seeing the video and contacting him for a potential date.

After the video was posted, Alex says that thousands of letters of support have been emailed to the family along with a number of potential suitors requesting a date. Despite all the contacts, Eva says she still hasn’t found love. Alex says that initially his mom was skeptical about putting the video on “the internet” but eventually came around. Days later, the video was up and the rest is history.

“A few days later, here we are with a video that has seemingly captured the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world… the way I see it, every view, share and like is taking us closer and closer to ‘Adam.'”

What do you think of Alex’s video for his mother Eva? Do you think Eva will find true love through her viral video?

[Image Credit: YouTube]