Amber Rose White Thong Swimsuit Pics: Who Wore It Best, Amber Rose Or Kim Kardashian?

Amber Rose isn’t shy when it comes to posting photos of herself on Instagram. The 31-year-old model shared yet another a racy pic with her followers this weekend, showing off her assets in a barely-there white thong swimsuit.

On Saturday, Rose posted two pictures to her Instagram account that showed her in full makeup, posing by a swimming pool in a white one-piece bathing suit. One photo seemed to be an ad for Fit Tea, and the other was an up close, and perhaps a little too personal, look at her almost-nude backside.

The Mirror reports that Amber Rose‘s white thong swimsuit looked very much like the one Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian West posed in after the birth of her daughter, North. While it’s not clear if they are wearing the exact same suit, it does appear that Amber is trying to outdo her former boyfriend, Kanye West’s wife.

Who wore it better? That’s for fans to decide. Both ladies appear to be extremely confident showing off their curves with a minimal amount of fabric covering their bodies.

Amber Rose shows off her bum in white swimsuit – famously worn by Kim Kardashian

— Celebs Street (@CelebsSt) July 12, 2015

Rose and Kardashian have plenty in common, although they don’t seem to be the best of friends. Both women have a toddlers, enjoy showing off their curvaceous bods on social media, and have a connection – past and present — with rapper Kanye West.

They are also known for putting their backsides on display. Last August, Amber posted a video on Instagram that showed her twerking to the beat of her now ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa’s single, “A-Drop.” The post garnered almost 500,000 likes and inspired some of her fans to get their butts into twerk-worthy shape.

“Watched Amber Rose twerk video…. I’m starting my butt workouts again tomorrow.”

Goals asf😭🙌🙌. #AmberRose #twerking #Goals. #TwerkGoals

— Nathalie (@_its_nathalie_) July 9, 2015

Kim’s bare-booty pics were the topic of conversation when Instagram decided to change their rules about how much skin can be posted on the photo-sharing site. The rules changed in April, with Instagram banning “close-ups of fully nude buttocks.” Fortunately for Kim, her pics are fine, as long as she has a small amount of fabric cover her rear — a skimpy thong is perfectly acceptable.

kim kardashian instagram

It looks like Amber Rose is also playing by Instagram’s rules, with the white thong swimsuit covering the required amount of skin in her latest butt-tastic pics.

[Images: Amber Rose/Instagram, Kim Kardashian/Instagram]