WWE News: Update On WWE NXT Divas Sasha Banks And Charlotte Debuting On WWE RAW This Week

It has been anticipated for some time now, but it seems that WWE is now going through with it. WWE NXT Divas are coming up to the main roster. We have seen the quality of content NXT has given us with great female matches this past year. They are on par or better than the men, which is saying a lot. That being said, many want to see what Charlotte and Sasha Banks can do when they are on the main roster, working with some other talented women.

NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Charlotte were both at WWE RAW this past week and not used, for whatever reason. As the Inquisitr reported on Saturday, WWE plans to have them debut on WWE RAW this very Monday. They are also set for the WWE SmackDown taping the following night. Both shows are going to be in the south, so it makes more sense for them to be part of these shows than previous ones. However, WWE did have the idea to use them before, and it didn’t happen.

The trend may end this week, as the Wrestling Observer notes that WWE management gave the NXT staff a memo on who they will not be using in the upcoming storylines in NXT. Both Charlotte and Sasha Banks were on that list. This clearly means that WWE has to have them on the main roster soon, or they have no reason to not write them into plans for WWE NXT shows.

Banks may be a special case, due to holding the NXT Women’s Title. She may very well lose the title at WWE Takeover in Brooklyn the night before WWE SummerSlam. This would allow her to come up with no issue, and someone like Becky Lynch could be the champ for a while.

Both Sasha Banks and Charlotte are set to team with Paige to fight against the Bella Army. The idea seems to be that The Bella Twins are taking over the division, and they need to be stopped. So, it makes sense to think that three great performers could do this, if they teamed up. Paige has gotten on the bad side of every WWE Diva the main roster has to offer. However, she has had no issue with the women of NXT, who both would have something to prove in their first run with WWE.

WWE RAW would be interesting this week with the two debuting, so let us hope WWE actually goes with it. Since they are not in the plans for upcoming NXT storylines, one has to guess that if WWE does not use either Charlotte or Sasha Banks this week, it would have to be sometime soon.

[IMG Credit: PWMania]