Child Rapist Wants 15 Years In Prison, Agrees To Be Castrated, Makes Scene In Court — Judge Unmoved

Child rapist Kyle Duane Hancock has faced trouble with the law for a number of previous sex crimes, including lewd proposals/acts to a child under 16. Now, his recent conviction for the rape of a 5-year-old girl has led to a sentence of life behind bars. But, apparently, Hancock felt the judge should have mercy on him because he recently requested a reduced sentence of 15 years in prison and even offered to endure castration if he could escape being locked up for less than 20 years. However, that’s not all.

In a futile effort to persuade the judge, Hancock went a step further in court to show exasperated remorse for his victims by requesting a moment of silence for the children he’s hurt. But, apparently, the judge was well aware of Hancock’s ploy and still sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

According to News On 6, Hancock broke into a home and raped the 5-year-old girl back in May of 2014. In addition to the heinous attack, it was also reported that the 29-year-old had failed to register his new address which is an important requirement for sex offenders.

According to Opposing Views, Hancock stated that he chose a random child because he didn’t want to violate someone he knew. However, his plans were thwarted when the little girl’s cries for help were immediately heard by her mother, who has asked to only be identified as “Lamanda.” Hancock was attacked by the child’s mother but was ultimately able to escape. However, his run didn’t last for long because he was arrested hours later.

Even then, officers with the Tulsa Police Department questioned why Hancock was even allowed to be released so quickly given his prior offenses.

“Guys like this don’t ever need to be out on the street again,” Sergeant Brandon Wycoff told News On 6. “He shouldn’t have got out as quickly as he did from the first time.”

As previously reported on Inquisitr, Hancock’s sentence was motivated by a number of factors, including the little girl’s brave testimony detailing the horrific series of events that occurred. Then, to make matters worse, it has also been reported that Hancock actually filmed the vile attack. So, the judge’s lack of remorse and refusal to approval Hancock’s request is definitely justified.

Hancock’s sentence was a sigh of relief for the family of the 5-year-old rape victim. The girl’s mother recently recounted the horrific attack and expressed what Hancock’s sentence means for their family.

“It’s been hard to sleep at night, knowing it’s still yet to be decided,” Lamanda said. “Now it’s all said and done and it’s a huge relief; really thankful.”

Hancock’s plea has caught the attention of an overwhelming number of readers who are outraged over his controversial request for a reduced prison sentence. While some actually feel castration would be a substantial alternative in lieu of time behind bars, many others still feel it is not enough to suffice for the sufferance of victims.

Do you think rapists should be given reduced prison sentences if they endure castration? Share your thoughts.

[Image via News On 6 Screen Capture]