Caitlyn Jenner’s Fatal Car Crash Investigation Finished

Caitlyn Jenner speaks often about feeling free since revealing to the world that she is a transgender woman. This weekend, good news arrived for Caitlyn: she will most likely keep her freedom.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigation into Jenner’s fatal Pacific Coast Highway crash will soon be turned over to the District Attorney’s office. According to TMZ’s sources, investigators concluded that Jenner was negligent in the crash, which killed her neighbor, but that she should not be charged with anything more serious than misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

Jenner may escape more serious charges, or may not be charged at all, because there were extenuating circumstances. As previously reported by the Inqusitr, field sobriety tests proved that Jenner was not intoxicated at the time of the crash. Jenner was also not texting at the time of the crash. In fact, as recently released MTA bus video of the accident shows, Jenner was driving under the speed limit at the time of the accident.

All of this seems to show that the car accident, while tragic, was merely an accident caused by inattentive driving by Jenner. However, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigator’s finding may not shield Jenner from civil action.

The adult step-child of Kim Howe, the 69-year-old woman who was killed in the accident Jenner caused, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jenner. Entertainment Tonight reports that the family’s lawyers accused Jenner of refusing to appear at a deposition connected to the lawsuit.

The following is according to documents filed by the family attorneys.

“Ms. Jenner has refused to accept responsibility for causing this collision. Plaintiffs have also obtained a statement from a witness who described Ms. Jenner driving erratically just prior to the crash. Defendant Jenner is attempting to escape responsibility by arguing that plaintiffs do not have standing to bring this wrongful death action.”

At least part of the statement is true. Multiple outlets report that Jenner filed documents which claim that Howe’s step-children should have no standing to file a lawsuit because they were not financially dependent on her and had no relationship with her at the time of her death. Reportedly, Howe’s step-children also filed paperwork which claimed that Jenner’s $500,000 insurance policy won’t be enough to cover their loss when other claims are taken into account.

Jenner’s attorney, Philip Boesch, says that they have not received any documents from Howe’s step-children and that Jenner never received a request to appear at a deposition. According to Boesch, Jenner is still waiting for the court to decide whether or not Howe’s step-children have legal standing to file a lawsuit.

So, for now at least, Jenner can only relax a little.

[Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair]