Exclusive: ‘Dancing With The Stars Winner’ Alfonso Ribeiro Talks ‘America’s Funniest Videos,’ And Vacation Season

Alfonso Ribeiro, known for his victory on Dancing with the Stars, isn’t done shining in the spotlight. Beginning with his role as Carlton in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Ribeiro’s comedic stylings are beginning to show throughout the country.

With his creativity, Alfonso Ribeiro will tackle an American tradition. He was recently announced as the new host of America’s Funniest Videos. Before that project starts, Alfonso Ribeiro is going on vacation. The dancing guru took time to talk to us about his new projects, why he’s going on vacation and what his Dancing with the Stars means to him.

Inquisitr: You’re doing so much right now, especially since your Dancing with the Stars victory. I can only assume winning was a lot more fun for you, more enjoyable and a rewarding experience.

Alfonso Ribeiro: “It was an amazing ride. For me, I wanted to be on the show from the very beginning. I loved watching Dancing with the Stars and always wanted to be on it. It was awesome just to get on the show. To go through that experience from the highs and the lows; obviously the tough times were amazingly tough.”

“Obviously, the injuries were certainly difficult. In the end, it all paid off because Whitney Carson and I were able to win. So, that was really cool. What an enjoyable ride and it’s opened the door for me creatively and artistically to have a lot of other opportunities. I’m grateful for that chance to be on the show.”

Inquisitr:Moving from one opportunity to the other, what are you doing to prepare for America’s Funniest Videos?

Alfonso Ribeiro: “I think the key for me is just being prepared as much as I can with the format of the show and letting me getting comfortable as quickly as possible to allow my brand of comedy, my feeling and the way I like to entertain to come through from the very beginning.”

“I’m not doing too much to prepare, because I don’t want to over-think this, because sometimes, you over-think it you become stale. I’m going to allow my natural instinct with comedy to just play. I’m super excited to have that opportunity and I think that my brand of comedy will play excellently on this show.”

“I think because of the entire, Fresh Prince in syndication for 25 years plus, people do connect to me in that way. I think that hopefully we’ll be able to bring those viewers along to AFV.”

Inquisitr: Is it fair to say that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air launched your career and propelled you to have the opportunities you have now?

Alfonso Ribeiro: “Well, I wouldn’t say that Fresh Prince had a part of that. I mean, it did because it was a very popular show. But, Fresh Prince went off the air 20 years ago. So, at the end of the day, it may have had a part in getting me Dancing with the Stars, but Dancing with the Stars launched all of this new stuff.”

“They play a major role. It’s a very popular show. Ultimately, they have a huge fanbase. When that fanbase connects with you, it gives the opportunity to do other things. I’ve been really fortunate to have that opportunity to launch these other things.”

“Especially to be here at Yellowstone National Park; here with Chex Mix on the ‘Chex Mix Deliciously Unpredictable Road Trip.’ We’re doing a fun thing where Old Faithful just went off a few minutes ago. We’re going to make this road trip from here, all the way down to the Grand Canyon.”

“I’m doing this with the Eh Bee Family. They’re ‘Viners’ and make wonderful videos of them doing crazy things. So, all of us on this trip will be fun and we’ll allow the fans to be able to check out our photos and videos by using ‘#ChexMixRoadTrip.’ They’ll be able to see all that we’re doing and I think it’s going to be a blast.”

All of that started with me doing Dancing with the Stars. Fresh Prince had its own run for many years. This new chapter has been amazing.”

Inquisitr: I’m looking at some of the activities on this list like kayaking and ziplining. Have you ever done any of these before?

Alfonso Ribeiro: “The only thing I’ve ever done before is the ziplining. I’ve only done that out of the three you mentioned. We’ll see what we get into. It’s unpredictable! We don’t know. They don’t know. We’re just going to go with the flow.”

Inquisitr: What are some of your favorite vacation memories that you have?

Alfonso Ribeiro: “I have a lot of vacation memories and I love to travel. I love to see all of America and all over the world. I’ve been to many places, but I’m starting to do more road trips. Last year, I rented an RV with the family. We went through Yosemite, those were great memories with the family.”

“I think, as a little kid, I used to go back to where my parents were from, Trinidad and Tobego in the Caribbean. My brothers and I would all get together and would go see our cousins. Those were great trips because I think all of the best vacations are all about family.”

“It’s always about being together. There’s nothing better than that. For all road trips, getting people to go out, see this beautiful country, do it as a family and spend time together, it’s important to do and to create that special bond that you have with the family.”

Inquisitr: I think what you’re doing, as far as being spontaneous and going on this road trip, is something families should do more often as it brings them closer together. What do you think?

Alfonso Ribeiro: “We’re both saying it. Ultimately, it’s absolutely that. It’s about being together, being able to have new experiences together and doing it as a family. THere’s nothing but love there. I think that it’s so important for people to do that. People don’t see the country and we have a beautiful county. Let’s get people out there and enjoying these road trips.”

“People can be involved in what we’re doing. They can use ‘#ChexMixSweepstakes’ where they can send photos and videos of their own road trips and vacations. Chex Mix will be giving 20 people a $250 prize packet for having great stories and great videos and pictures. We want people to do that and enjoy our road trip.”

[Image via Chex Mix]