‘Friends’ Mistakes You Might Have Missed

Friends mistakes are easy to miss, even if you are a diehard fan of one of this generation’s most famous sitcoms.

Whether you are the type of Friends fan who watches all the seasons, over and over again, or if you just enjoy the occasional episode, it is easy to enjoy the occasional Friends mistakes that pop up in even some of the most famous episodes.

Running for ten seasons straight and increasing in popularity every year, Friends was never free of mistakes and goofs. Continuity mistakes, crew members visible on the screen, new episodes not supporting the past episodes, changes on the set between shots: you name them, the show has all types of Friends mistakes.

Maybe it wasn’t possible to read hundreds of previous script pages before shooting or maybe the writers were careless or were even trying too hard to entertain, these Friends mistakes did find their way onto the screen. Here are the top Friends mistakes that you might have missed.

Joey’s Button-Up Shirt Magically Turns Into A T-Shirt

Remember the episode when Joey waves and gestures his iconic words: “How you doing?” to the hot girl in the opposite building, then counts the apartments to find her? He is wearing a zip-up black t-shirt while he waves, and then runs searching for her in a purple button-up shirt.

Okay, one can argue that he might have changed into a nicely pressed purple shirt to meet the hot girl. But wait! As Movie Mistakes points out, he knocks on the door, which he thinks is the hot girl’s apartment, while he is in his purple shirt and when Ross opens the door, he is back in his zip-up black t-shirt.

Monica Unwraps And Wraps A Gift With Superhuman Speed

Remember the episode after Chandler and Monica get married and Monica just can’t wait to open the gifts? When Rachel enters the room, she finds Monica with a big brown box which is unwrapped. The scene cuts to Rachel and back to Monica, and now the box is wrapped again in a flowery purple wrap. This is an example of a Friends mistake which happens back and forth several times, and still it was missed and allowed to go to air, Friends mistake and all.

Monica’s Apartment Door Number Changes

This is one of the Friends mistakes that has been noticed frequently by Friends fans. In the initial episodes of Friends, Monica’s apartment number was five. But, as What Culture pointed out, later the writers thought it illogical for a top floor apartment to have the number five, and changed it to twenty.


The Friends Ages Change Repeatedly

It’s nothing short of bizarre that Ross was twenty-nine years old for three consecutive seasons, sometimes even seeming younger than Monica. Joey jumped from being older than to younger than Monica several times in the show, and none of the characters ever had a gradual growth in their age.

Chandler And Rachel Never Remember Meeting Each Other Before

Forget Ross and Rachel, Rachel was with Chandler long before she met Ross. In the episode “The One With the Thanksgiving Flashback,” Ross introduces Rachel to Chandler as they have never met before. Yet, the pilot episode (when Rachel leaves Barry at the altar and meets the group at the coffee house), Chandler is again introduced to Rachel as if they’ve never met before. But, it clearly contradicts the flashback episode, where it was revealed that Rachel and Chandler made out during a college party, plus they spent at least two Thanksgivings at Monica and Ross’ parents’ house.

Ross Lies About His Loyalty

In earlier episodes, Ross maintained that he hadn’t slept with anyone other than his ex-wife, Carol, until his relationship with Rachel. But, in the later episodes, he confesses to sleeping with a librarian in his college. You would surely remember his classic statement from this episode.

“If you must know, Anita was very gentle and tender… May she rest in peace.”


Rachel Greene Or Rachel Green?

For a show that ran for ten seasons, it was unusual that the writers and producers never actually decided on the way to spell Rachel’s name. If you’ve watched all the seasons of the show, then this is one Friends mistake you are certain to have noticed. Sometimes it was Rachel Greene, and sometimes it was just Rachel Green.


This just a short list of Friends mistakes, which focuses on the mistakes of this all time favorite sitcoms in the context of the story, the script and the continuity. There are plenty of other Friends mistakes, such as crew members and video equipment appearing.

Enjoy this video with more classic Friends mistakes.

And this is just because we love this so much.


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