Carrie Underwood’s Locked Out Scare: Singer Breaks Into Car To Save Infant Son

Carrie Underwood was locked out of her car on Saturday, and she shared about the scary moment on her Twitter after it happened, according to Gossip Cop.

After a person is locked out of their car, it can be a problem, but it becomes an emergency when the summer sun is beating down and your new infant son and both the family dogs are locked inside the car.

Instead of calling for help and waiting for it to arrive, Carrie Underwood decided to take care of things quickly, and she had some help on hand. She decided to break the window of her car to reach her baby boy, 4-month-old Isaiah. In her Twitter post, she revealed the cause behind the dangerous situation.

After her post on social media, many fans and fellow parents shared their own scary stories. With hot car deaths so prevalent in the media in recent years, Carrie’s story is another reminder of what to do if your child is locked inside a car. Some fans did jokingly ask if she used a Louisville Slugger because of her song “Before He Cheats.” Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum was one of the people that responded to Carrie’s tweet on Saturday.

All was well following the incident. Carrie was scheduled to perform a concert on Saturday night in Ohio, and she made that appearance. Underwood did not share any more details about the scare on Saturday. The incident happened one day after the singer celebrated her five-year wedding anniversary with her husband, Mike Fisher.

Carrie gave birth to baby Isaiah in February, and she has been very outspoken about the new arrival on her social media accounts and in interviews. In June, she revealed to E! News that she gave birth to the little boy via C-section.

“While I was pregnant, I did everything I could to try and make smart choices. And if I couldn’t really like work out, work out, I’d go walk, and I just tried to stay active. I couldn’t work out for a few weeks because I ended up having to have a cesarean—blah, blah, blah, too much information. I made it happen where I can, when I can pretty much.”

Underwood did slim down almost immediately after the birth of her baby. A previous Inquisitr report revealed that Underwood was out showing off her slim post-baby body just weeks after Isaiah was born. The singer did take some time off after the baby arrived, but she did return to the studio in recent weeks.

She is working on a new album, and she has shared in recent interviews that the album is almost done. Carrie has written one song about the new man in her life, and fans will hear it on the album, according to Taste of Country.

“I’d be very willing to put money that it will be on there. He’s just this gift and such a smiley baby and so easy to be around. I’m a grouch in the morning and I wake up and he wakes up and he’s just smiling at me. So he just makes my life better.”

Carrie Underwood does seem to be on a high moment in her life. This year, she celebrated the 10th anniversary of her American Idol win. Since her time on the reality series, her life has changed completely, and she is ready for what happens next in her career and in her life. She shared with Billboard about the milestone in her life.

“Everything happened at such a great time. It’s been 10 years. We had the greatest hits album, and I did get to take some time away from the road. It is like a new chapter in every aspect. I really don’t know what to expect from the next 10 years, but as long as I keep doing what I get to do, and enjoy doing, I call that winning. But we’ll see. I just go where the road will take me. I just want to keep being creative in some way, shape, or form.”

Carrie’s fans will hear a different style out of the singer on the new album. Underwood revealed in a recent interview that there is a new sound on her album. She shared about the recording process with Country Countdown USA.

“There’s definitely a different sound that’s coming together. I want everything to have its own space, and look different, sound different, feel different. So I’ve been working with another producer, as well as with Mark Bright, whom I’m always gonna love, but getting things a little different, and it’s been fun. I feel things have a different sort of twang to them, kind of a rock twang. So there should be some things that they hopefully have liked about the music we’ve done, but also a little growth, a little bit of shift, so still things they’ve liked but new things to see, hear, and feel.”

On stage last month, Underwood surprised her fans with a mash-up of her song “See You Again” and Wiz Khalifa’s song of the same name. The singer even rapped on stage. A release date has not been set for her new album.

What do you think of Carrie Underwood breaking into her own car after her dogs locked themselves and her baby boy inside? Would you do the same?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]