Is Zayn Malik Ditching Naughty Boy To Launch A Chart Attack?

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik might be setting up for a return to the music business, but a successful return may not be as simple as many think. It might reasonably be assumed that Malik has a huge advantage when it comes to launching a solo career. After all, Malik already has a huge fanbase from his time with the boyband. Malik also has industry experience and contacts at all levels of the business, so a solo career should be a formality, right?

Well, perhaps not. The issue that Malik faces is that he upset many of his fans with the manner of his departure from One Direction. Zayn quit the band mid-tour, saying that he wanted to “live a normal life.” Just days after arriving back home, Malik was photographed going into the studio with his friend Naughty Boy. Days later, Malik outraged some One Direction fans when new music of him performing with Naughty Boy was posted on social media sites.

In the months since Malik quit One Direction, Zayn has inadvertently become caught up in a war of words between Naughty Boy and members of his former band. This was illustrated most publicly when a row played out on Twitter between Naughty Boy and Zayn’s former band mate Louis Tomlinson. Tempers became more than a little frayed during that very public spat and, of course, One Direction fans were supportive of Tomlinson.

As a result, Malik’s return to music will need to be carefully handled if he is to take his fanbase with him. The Mirror reports that Malik has been quietly working with Naughty Boy to record new material, but Zayn now believes it is time to get serious. According to Unreality TV, that may mean that Malik is about to ditch Naughty Boy so that he can surround himself with a top music industry team.

According to the Mirror, Zayn has recognized that he needs a top team to manage his return, and they quote an “industry insider” who says that Malik has been in discussions with Sarah Stennett.

Stennett has considerable experience in the music business having worked with top stars like Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, and Jessie J. According to the Mirror’s source, Stennett “won’t want anybody around who is too much of a livewire or keeps gossiping.” Given Naughty Boy’s tendency to sound off on social media, that is likely to mean that he will have to butt out of Malik’s career.

Zayn Malik has not yet given any clear indication as to how he wishes to move forward. This may be because of previous reports that Malik cannot release any solo music for two years. It is believed that Malik agreed to this clause in order to be released from his contract with Simon Cowell’s SyCo and Sony Music.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]