‘Big Brother 17’: Why John McGuire Gets Derrick Levasseur’s ‘Warrior’ Nod

So far on Big Brother 17, John McGuire stands out for one reason: his ability to get nominated. McGuire has been on the block every week so far, although always as the “pawn.” This self-proclaimed “rock star dentist” said in his official Big Brother bio that he’s “Ninja-esque, klutz and eccentric.”

So why has last year’s winner, Derrick Levasseur, singled out his gameplay for praise two weeks in a row?

[Warning: the following contains spoilers from Big Brother 17 live feeds.]

On July 2, Levasseur wrote in his Big Brother Network blog that no one does “off the radar” better than McGuire. The man who lied about being a cop for an entire season said there’s nothing wrong with being perceived as a weak player, as John has been.

On July 9, Levasseur praised McGuire for his ability to avoid the chaos in the house. He predicted John would always be a candidate for “pawn” as long as the Battle of the Block, where four house guests are initially put in the hot seat, is in play.

John was nominated in Week 1 but won the BOB with Becky. In Week 2, John was again nominated. Head of Household Shelli asked him to throw the BOB so she could target Da’Vonne. John won veto in Week 2 and took himself off the block.

Shelli actually asked John not to use the veto in Week 2, so she would avoid having to name a replacement nominee. Although he was diplomatic with his fellow game players, John was far more blunt to the diary room camera: “No!”

Now, it’s Week 3. Spoilers reveal that the week’s sole remaining HOH, Vanessa, nominated John and James with the intent to send home James. John again won veto.

So that’s three nominations in a row and two vetoes in a row for John.

According to the BBN spoilers, Vanessa is frustrated with her ally Austin for not winning the veto, thus saving her from putting someone else up against James.

Despite his obvious heroics, Levasseur doesn’t envy John’s position.

McGuire is a Big Brother superfan, so he knows the importance of laying low, especially in the beginning. It is only Week 3, after all. But he’s also smart enough to know that pawns sometimes go home, which means he may throw a BOB to show loyalty but won’t throw a veto competition.

John even told his co-workers at his dental practice in Scranton, Pennsylvania, that being on Big Brother was his dream. As a report by local television station found, his co-workers had no idea he’d made the show until the cast was announced. They seemed universally thrilled and planned to watch.

One fellow dentist, Dr. Demianczyk, hinted at one aspect of John’s game viewers have yet to see.

“I think it’s no secret he wants to do a show-mance, so, it’ll be pretty funny to see that happen.”

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

[Left image: Derrick Levasseur / Twitter; Right image: CBS]