‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant Noah Galloway To Pen Memoir

Noah Galloway placed third on last season’s Dancing with the Stars. Fans were not surprised by Galloway’s success on the show, but the war veteran told Yahoo Health before the finale that he did not envision making it so far. He credited his conditioning and military work ethic for getting by week after week.

Now Galloway, who lost his left arm below the elbow and his left leg below the knee in Iraq, says he’s ready to inspire other veterans. Speaking to People on the CLIO awards red carpet, Galloway expressed his intention to put his experiences into writing. He plans to write a book that reveals everything about his “ups and downs,” including depression following his injury.

In a new interview with Fox 411, Galloway explained what motivated him after the IED attack that changed his life.

“There were a few years that I gave up. It was my three kids that motivated me when I realized I can’t be this selfish. I have to think about them and that’s what motivated me to get moving. So, there was this few years where I several times just sat at home and I would drink and not do anything and it was fitness that pulled me out of that.”

Galloway told Fox 411 his depression lasted longer than it needed to because of his refusal to talk to anyone. He encouraged veterans to talk to each other, not necessarily about hard times but to retain the sense of community. If things get dark, those issues will come out in everyday conversation, and veterans should find the support they need more easily if they have already developed relationships with one another.

Fans of Dancing with the Stars will remember the moment when Galloway proposed on-camera to girlfriend Jamie Boyd. Producers knew the moment was coming, but co-host Erin Andrews did not. When they cut to commercial, Andrews told Galloway she was nearly in tears. After some social media users claimed that Andrews stole Galloway’s moment by rolling her eyes, she apologized to him.

Galloway told Fox 411, and Andrews at the time, that she had no reason to apologize.

Boyd and Galloway plan to marry next year in their home state of Alabama. Galloway plans to pay tribute to his Scottish heritage by wearing a kilt.

Although he’ll take to the dance floor with Boyd when they marry, Galloway isn’t adding any ballroom moves to his workout routine. He has remained close with partner Sharna Burgess and former contestants Chris Soules and Robert Herjavec. He teamed up with Soules at a golf tournament in Iowa and visited Herjavec on the set of Shark Tank.

At the CLIOs, Galloway was met with a standing ovation when he hit the stage.

[Image: Noah Galloway and Jamie Boyd, June 10, 2015. Photo by Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment]