Disabled War Veteran Reportedly Kicked Out By Landlord, Insists Service Dog Was To Blame

Iraqi War veteran Jonathan Jans has been living at South Suburban Oak Forest in Oak Forest, IL for years. But on August 31, 2015, he'll be forced to vacate his apartment because the property managers of the complex have opted not to allow him to renew his lease. It has been reported that Jans' service dog isn't welcome in his home, which leads him to believe that he is now a victim of housing discrimination.

According to Opposing Views, Jans, who suffered severe brain injuries after a roadside bomb exploded in Iraq, thinks very highly of his beloved service dog. The couple even refers to the service dog, Alli, as a "godsend" considering how much progress Jon has made. His wife, Jillian Jans, also echoed similar sentiments, sharing how the dog has vastly changed her husband's life for the better. "She's been a godsend. He was on 18 medications when he got out of the Marine Corps. He was on nine when we first got her. He's on six now. So that's a huge difference," Jillian said.

"We had a lot of suicide bombers, and I don't do well in crowds or big groups of people, and that's one of the big things she helps me with. To go out," Jon explained. However, the apartment complex reportedly has no desire to take Jans' condition into consideration.

Although the complex has a strict "no dogs" policy, there is an exception where service dogs are concerned. Jans stated that his dog hasn't caused any discrepancies in the past, but speculates the new property manager disapproves of the dog.

Image source: WFLD-TV

When local news outlets approached the new property manager for a response to the allegations, she opted not to respond. But the letter Jans received on July 1 details a number of issues concerning the dog. The Manchester Courts Supervisor emailed Fox32 with a response to the allegations, briefly detailing the reason for the notice and revealing that "maintenance technicians have seen dog feces and smelled dog urine in the Jans apartment on multiple occasions."

The complex also argues that the couple has received multiple warnings about letting "their dog out unleashed and unsupervised to defecate as it pleased." However, Jans insists they "never had a problem with this dog once. Inside or outside of any establishment."

Based on the arguments from both parties involved, do you think Jonathan Jans and his service dog should be forced to move from the apartment? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Fox32 Screen Capture]