Kurt Russell Says Bill And Oliver Hudson Have Communicated Since Father’s Day Blowup

Kurt Russell, who is currently promoting his upcoming Tarantino film The Hateful Eight at Comic-Con, said this weekend that his stepson, Oliver Hudson, has spoken to his biological father a bit since the Father’s Day blowup that played out in front of millions on Twitter.

Oliver Hudson posted a photo of himself with his sister Kate and their father, Bill Hudson, on Father’s Day with a caption that read, “Happy abandonment day.” The picture was one from their childhood, and they have famously had a very rocky relationship with their dad over the years. Kurt Russell, however, has continued to be close to them both, and he says that he’s glad Oliver and Bill have made an effort to repair the damage that was done earlier this year.

“I understood Oliver’s sense of humor and since then, there’s been some nice back and forth between Bill and Oliver and that’s nice to see. You want people to enjoy life as much as they can,” Kurt told E! News.

The drama culminated in Bill disowning Kate and Oliver, saying he even wanted them to stop using his surname.

“I say to them now, ‘I set you free.’ I had five birth children but I now consider myself a father of three. I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own. I would ask them to stop using the Hudson name. They are no longer a part of my life. Oliver’s Instagram post was a malicious, vicious, premeditated attack. He is dead to me now. As is Kate. I am mourning their loss even though they are still walking this earth.”

Sources say Kate and Oliver weren’t surprised by Bill’s reaction, as they have never been close. Their mother, Goldie Hawn, has been with Kurt Russell for many years now and both Kate and Oliver shared photos on Father’s Day of Russell, which may have rubbed salt in Bill’s wounds.

“They weren’t surprised at all that Bill spoke out. He’s always trying to clear his name and his image. Oliver was just trying to be funny by posting that comment. In retrospect, he probably should have thought twice before putting that out. But what’s done is done,” a source said.

It’s unclear how much communication Bill and Oliver have had since Father’s Day, but judging from Kurt Russell’s comments, it seems that Kate hasn’t spoken to her father.

[Photo courtesy Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube]