Florida Man Accused Of Biting Baby Is On The Run

A Florida man is the subject of a manhunt in the Tampa Bay area after police say he tried to kill an 11-month-old baby. Police are looking for 31-year-old Glen Franklin Neal Jr., who has reportedly been charged with attempted murder. ABC News 7 reports that the 11-month-old victim is currently suffering from bleeding on the brain at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Police in Pinellas Park allege that the fugitive kicked, bit, and punched an 11-month-old baby boy in an attempt to murder him. The child is in serious condition but has initially survived the alleged assault. At this point, no reports are sharing whether or not the outlook is hopeful for his survival.

CBS News reports that this is not the first time the Florida man has been in trouble regarding the care of a child. His rap sheet includes charges of child neglect as well as battery to a police officer, cocaine possession, fleeing to elude, and resisting arrest. The report also confirms that Glen Franklin Neal Jr. lived in the home with the infant and was responsible for his care, but it can’t be confirmed if he is the father or of another type of relation. Very little information is being made available about this case.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only incident involving the brutal assault of an infant. In fact, it’s not the only recent case of horrible child abuse in Florida. Last year, a Florida man was arrested after he allegedly bit his nephew in the face. Another man in the same state used his baby as a human shield to prevent police from arresting him earlier this year, as well. Just this month, a Lehigh Acres man was charged with aggravated child abuse after he allegedly shook his baby until the infant experienced brain swelling.

Child abuse kills approximately five children per day, which means that nearly 2,000 children die per year to abuse — and usually by the hands of their caretakers. Other children are fortunate enough to survive, but some never fully recover. Brain injuries in child abuse victims could hinder their cognitive development tremendously.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Glen Franklin Neal Jr., please call the authorities immediately so that justice can be brought to the 11-month-old victim. At this point, his whereabouts are not known by officials, but a manhunt is underway and has been for at least two days for the Florida man.

[Photo: FDLE mugshot/Glen Franklin Neal Jr.]