‘Star Wars: Vader Down’ Crossover Event Announced By Marvel

Marvel has announced a major crossover event between its Star Wars and Darth Vader series, Vader Down, which will bring the two ongoing titles together to mark their first anniversary.

Star Wars: Vader Down was announced as part of the “Cup o’ Joe” panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, according to Comicbook.com. The story will begin in Vader Down #1 before continuing in the two ongoing titles, and is set to start in November, just ahead of the release of The Force Awakens. Writers Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen, as well as artists Mike Deodato and Salvador Larroca, are set to helm the series.

The story will reportedly see Vader in both his most vulnerable and most powerful moments. When he crash-lands upon an alien planet, the Rebel Alliance gets wind that Vader is in trouble, and realizing that one of their greatest enemies is cut off from his forces, they seize the opportunity to attempt to take Vader out. The familiar faces of the Rebel fleet, including Leia, Han, Luke, and Chewie, band together in an attempt to rid the galaxy of Vader, as the Alliance throws everything they have at the imperiled Sith lord.

Speaking with StarWars.com, both Gillen and Aaron noted that Vader Down will show a different side of the fallen Jedi, as fans see him in a situation he has never before faced.

“It’s Vader with an array of people in front of him and he’s in a precarious situation. What happens then?” Gillen asked.

Aaron went on to point out that the story places Vader in an unusual position, hunted by the Rebels, as survival becomes his only goal.

“Hopefully, you get to see Vader in a kind of situation we haven’t seen him in before, where he is cut off and surrounded and really in a tough spot. So how does Vader react to that? He’s probably not going to run and hide. He’s Darth Vader. So whatever the threat is before him, he’s going to turn on his lightsaber and step out to meet it. But we’re throwing him up against quite a lot in this. That’s the inciting incident, and that draws in the cast of both our books, which complicates things even more. Again, it’s called Vader Down. You’re going to get to see Vader cut loose in a way beyond what either one of us has shown before.”

The series will mark just the latest appearance of the Sith lord, who has also been resurrected both in Star Wars Rebels and reportedly in the first of the planned Anthology films, as the Inquisitr previously reported. Fans will get their next glimpse of Anakin Skywalker’s hidden history when Star Wars: Vader Down kicks off in November.

[Image: Marvel via StarWars.com]