Baby Doe DNA Update: Deceased Tot Remains Unidentified

Who is Baby Doe? Her identity remains unknown after a DNA test has cleared a long-missing baby as a possibility. MLive reports that no connection was found between the unidentified Boston child and the missing Michigan baby known in the media as Baby Kate. So authorities with the Massachusetts State Police are still searching for clues to the child’s identity, and the Michigan State Police are still lost as to where Kate could be.

After a computer generated drawing of Baby Doe went viral on social media, numerous people began to speculate on the similarities in the appearances of both the Boston child and Baby Kate, formally named Katherine Phillips. Both the missing child and the unidentified deceased child had pierced ears, big doe-like eyes and a cute button nose. Another notable coincidence between the two cases wasn’t just about their appearances. Baby Kate vanished approximately four years ago, and Baby Doe was found deceased at approximately four-years-old. These similarities and coincidences were pointed out in an earlier article on the Inquisitr.

Regardless of the perceived similarities, authorities in Mason County, Michigan, have never been very confident in finding a connection between them. Sheriff Kim Cole shared his comments about these developments on Friday.

“Although our hearts break for the toddler in Massachusetts, investigators never felt, and there is no evidence to suggest, the two cases were related.”

Katherine Phillips was only four-and-a-half-months-old when she vanished at the end of June in 2011. Her father, Sean Phillips, was ultimately convicted of unlawfully confining her, but she has never been found. Furthermore, a prison letter that has been attributed to the missing baby’s dad indicates that he accidentally killed her while angry at her mother. However, Phillips also once claimed that he gave up the infant in an illegal adoption, which is probably something that partially fueled the recent viral speculation regarding Baby Doe.

Authorities in Boston have no clue who this unidentified child is. Her parents have not come forward to claim her, and nobody has come forward with missing children who vanished either recently or in the past four to five years. This is making it especially hard for officials to identify the child in order to bring her the justice she deserves.

Baby Doe was discovered by a dog-walker on June 25 along the shores of Dear Island at the Boston Harbor. The child was stuffed into a trash bag with a zebra print blanket, and was reportedly wearing polka-dotted leggings. Other details surrounding the discovery have not been clarified. If you know anything about this unidentified child, or if you believe you know who she is, please do not hesitate to contact the Massachusetts State Police at (413) 625-6311.

Photo: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children/Baby Doe and Michigan State Police/Baby Kate