‘The Originals’ Unused Scene Sires The Season 3 Plot

It seems the future of The Originals is inspired more from those scenes that have ended up on the cutting room floor than by those scenes fans of The Originals have seen within the two seasons aired on the CW network. Just shortly after The Originals season finale aired in May, Daniel Gillies came forward in an interview and revealed that parts of that finale would have been more powerful if an additional scene had not been cut from The Originals finale during the editing process.

Now, The Originals executive producers have told San Diego Comic Con audiences that another unaired scene has been responsible for fleshing out the plot of The Originals third season. The lost scene, which was screened for fans of The Originals at Comic Con, introduces the idea that the sire lines of each of the surviving Mikaelsons are less than thrilled that their undead lives are tied to the fates of the Mikaelson clan, as suggested by The Originals‘ executive producer Michael Narducci.

“Those vampires know that if an Original dies, as we saw with Finn and we saw with Kol, an entire sire line would be wiped off. What perspective do those sired vampires have — all of them, the remaining three sire lines — what do they think about the continued existence of the Mikaelson family? That’s the seed for season 3.”

“The Mikaelsons were able to vanquish their parents and their evil nasty auntie, so now they get to experience what it’s like to be the so-called parents themselves of their first line of sired vampires. The children are coming to town with an axe to grind,” executive producer Julie Plec added.

The storyline involving those sired vampires will give fans of The Originals a look back into the past, specifically into the history of the Mikaelson family, as they have each sired their own line of vampires.

“We’re going to get a glimpse of the whole Original family about 10 years after they were turned and see what their lives are like as they’re struggling to adapt,” Plec said. “If we’re lucky, we may see Finn as well.”

The Originals‘ executive producer also promised that Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) would not be forgotten in the confusion, as the clan of original vampires fight to defend themselves. In fact, Hayley will be doing everything within her power to keep her daughter, Hope, safe from the fallout.

“There is, in fact, a custody fight early on in the season that turns violent,” says The Originals executive producer.

The season premiere of The Originals will air on Thursday, October 8, on the CW network.

[Featured image: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, and Claire Holt courtesy of the Cw network/The Originals]