San Diego Comic-Con: ‘Suicide Squad’ First Trailer Debuts And Leaks Online With Look At The Joker And Entire Team

One of the panels that most have been waiting for at the San Diego Comic-Con is that for Suicide Squad in Hall H, and they certainly weren’t disappointed. Fans in attendance got to experience the first trailer for the DC Comics film that partners together some of the most dangerous villains in comic book history.

Hall H was a frenzy on Saturday, and Super Hero Hype was there to experience the whole thing. Unfortunately, the trailer for Suicide Squad has not yet made it online, and if it has, it’s gotten taken down quickly.

All electronics and laptops had to be turned off during the Warner Bros. panel, and for good reason. There was a lot of footage shown and the villainous trailer was one of the most anticipated.

As always though, technology finds a way and a leaked version is online, but watch it while you can.

While it may not be available online for long, there is at least a description of it for when it disappears. Collider actually has an entire description of the full trailer, and they have a lot of details about it.

“In addition to some darkly toned concept art for Suicide Squad’s interpretation of the characters, Hall H got to check out the first trailer, which opens with Waller sharing dinner with her colleagues. She introduces the idea for the Suicide Squad, a team of antiheroes she personally put together that’s composed of the worst of the worst. They’ll be tasked with suicide missions that, should they go wrong, provides no connection to Waller and her organization. Waller namedrops Superman before she confidently asserts that she can control these villains because she knows their weaknesses. We then get individual looks at the main players in the Squad.”

Viola Davis stars as Amanda Waller, and it’s rather interesting that she drops the name of the “Man of Steel” to start things off.

“Harley lounges, hanging suspended in a prison cell like an acrobat; Deadshot works his frustration out on a heavy punching bag; Killer Croc lurks in the shadows under a hood that doesn’t quite hide his face; and the rest of the team members soon come together under the direction of Waller. While Arkham Asylum guards and Gotham City Police officers patrol the streets – the militarized law enforcement being a familiar presence in Ayer’s films – Deadshot coins the team’s name based on their tasks: the Suicide Squad.”

Harley Quinn is played by Margot Robbie, and fans in Hall H were thrilled by her arrival. Deadshot is, of course, played by Will Smith, and Killer Croc’s role was taken on by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

“Then we get a nice montage of the Squad heading out on a variety of missions that lead to absolute chaos in the streets. A gunman in a panda suit shoots up a grocery store; an assault on Arkham Asylum sprays automatic gunfire all over the place; a Caped Crusader hangs onto the roof of a getaway vehicle as it speeds through the streets, followed by shots of the Batmobile in persuit. Gunfire and explosions erupt on every corner while each of the team members do what they do best, getting bloody and bruised along the way. We get a sense that there’s some impending peril present for each of the characters independently, and to the city overall, but just what’s causing the chaos isn’t entirely clear.”

It’s been revealed that Batman would have a presence in Suicide Squad, but no one knows exactly how much of one. This isn’t about “Good vs. Evil,” but more about “Bad vs. Evil” as director David Ayers states.

“What is clear, however, is the Joker’s appearance. The entire trailer features the spooky song “I Started a Joke,” playing over the scenes of violence with Harley dropping darkly comic one-liners every few beats. This all leads up to the reveal of the Joker. First, we hear Leto’s laugh, a sharp, staccato bark that’s far different from anything we’ve heard so far, almost mechanical. He’s hidden for most of the trailer, but there’s a final shot of Joker holding electroshock cables and smiling his steel-toothed grin at the camera.”

Jared Leto has been met with a number of skeptics for taking on the role of The Joker in Suicide Squad, but there may be more faith in him after this debut. Fans took well to him and it may lead to a much better reception for the film going forward.

Suicide Squad has now had its first trailer released, and it even leaked online, but watch it fast before it is gone. For those wondering, it will hit theaters on August 5, 2016, and that is when the villains of DC Comics rule the big screen.

[Image via Warner Bros.]