Mom Took Her Eye Off 2-Year-Old Daughter For A Few Minutes, Got An Epic Surprise When She Returned [Photos]

It’s no secret that toddlers move very quickly. If you take your eyes off of them for just a few seconds, they can wreak havoc in ways you’d never even imagine. So, when Victoria Farmer stepped away from her two-year-old daughter, Anistyn, for just a few minutes, you can only imagine what she was faced with when she returned. The scene was so epic, Farmer had to capture the moment for the world to see. Now, the jaw-dropping photos of her little girl have gone viral.

According to Yahoo! News, the Aurora, Colorado, mother was reportedly nursing her young son Madox while little Anistyn was playing around the house. Of course, a child at play isn’t anything to be alarmed about, but anyone who has babysitted a toddler before knows when they are extremely quiet, they’re probably doing something they shouldn’t.

So, when Anistyn grew quiet, her mother decided to check on her. That’s when she discovered exactly what her daughter had been doing. Apparently, Anistyn had gotten a little creative with a bucket of paint that she’d poured all over herself. Anistyn was drenched from her hair to her toes in white paint. The epic scene was definitely photo-worthy so Farmer grabbed her camera. Later that day, she took to Facebook to vent about the ordeal. She shared the photo of Anistyn covered in paint and a detailed description about the series of events that led to her daughter’s paint bath.

“Now that it’s been a few hours I can laugh, but at the time I was about to have a meltdown haha it took nearly two hours to clean. I was nursing Madox in the next room and realized it was scary quiet so I set him down and when I walked in she just stood there like a statue. It looks like she just climbed right in and went for a swim. Cleaning her was the easy part. Cleaning it off the fireplace before it set in was the scary part. Plus it’s a discontinued paint on the fireplace and our house is going on the market in a week so the timing was pretty incredible.”

The jaw-dropping photo shows the adorable, white-washed toddler covered in paint. However, that’s not all. Apparently, she also had a little time to do some additional artwork, because the rug, mantle, and screen in front of the fireplace are also covered in white paint. The hardwood floors also have a white trail of little footprints, but nothing is worse than little Anistyn, herself.

Needless to say, it definitely didn’t take long for the epic photo to go viral. In fact, the epic photo received such an overwhelming response, Farmer submitted it for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. According to KDVR, the photo has reportedly aired on several national shows and many news outlets have reached out to Farmer for interviews about the comical incident. However, one interview was interrupted by little Anistyn who appeared to be getting ready for her next paint job, but hopefully, she’s done painting for a couple years.

[Image(s) via Facebook]