Man Admits To Abducting School Girl, 15, And Subjecting Her To A Horrific 32-Hour Rape Attack

A Scotland man in Dunfermline admitted to the court that he abducted a teen girl and subjected her to a “32-hour rape and abuse attack,” according to BBC News.

It was between March 12 and 14 of this year when 26-year-old Mark Armstrong spotted a teen girl, 15, walking home from netball practice. Before abducting the teen, he approached her and threatened to stab her if she tried to run or scream for help.

Armstrong took his victim to a derelict cottage where the 32-hour rape attack began. He first strangled the teen, then stripped her of her clothes, leaving only her socks and boots.

As the terrified teen lay naked on the floor, he asked if she ever had sex before, but before she could reply he raped her repeatedly before dragging her to another location.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother reported her missing and local police executed a search, which led them to the cottage where the rape first began. They uncovered the teen’s “t-shirt, bra, and broken glasses.”

Pleading for the rapist to stop, Armstrong continued raping her at his home. After hours of abuse and torture, it finally seemed as if he was going to let his victim go free. However, at the last minute he changed his mind and took her back to the “scene of the original rape.”

After the 32-hour rape and abuse attack was over, Armstrong took a surgical glove as well as a kitchen sponge and began cleaning her vaginal area, attempting to discard any evidence of his DNA.

Afterwards he made attempts to get the teen to smoke a cannabis.

Once the victim was set free, she told the police what happened and said, “I just wanted to call my mom.” However, after being reunited with her family, her mother stated that she was almost unrecognizable due to the severe bruising and swelling on her face.

Armstrong was later arrested and charged with raping the teen.

Jane Farquharson told the court in Edinburgh that “[t]he accused only spoke to tell her what to do, to shut up or stop shivering.”

“The victim describes feeling scared and increasingly angry and that she just wanted to go home,” said a prosecutor.

In court, the judge told Armstrong, “You have pled guilty to an appalling course of criminal conduct culminating in violent and sexual offences of the utmost depravity against a young girl then aged 15.”

“Today represents the culmination of a lengthy investigation which was assisted greatly by those who were victims to the actions of this depraved individual,” said Scotland Detective David Russell. “Thankfully these types of incident are uncommon but when they do occur Police Scotland will take swift action to apprehend those responsible.

“Whilst I pay tribute to all the victims of Armstrong who suffered from his actions, the bravery and courage of the young victim who was subjected to the terrifying ordeal was outstanding.”

“It is due to the detail and clarity of evidence she was able to provide that her abuser was traced and taken into custody.”

[Image courtes of Aapo Haapapen / Flickr / Creative Commons]