A Look At The Tech Inside The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz is a company that has always been good at keeping up with modern technology, and the 2017 E-Class looks set to continue that trend. A handful of the tech in their upcoming car seems like it should belong in a science-fiction movie, with Jalopnik reporting that one particularly high-tech system will activate a biological response to protect occupants’ hearing during a crash.

Mercedes calls the system “Pre-Safe Sound.” Put simply, the car uses a specific sound to force muscles in your ears to contract, protecting your hearing from the intense and sudden noises of collision.

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The new E-Class also packs in some interesting cruise control features, such as detecting the speed limit automatically by reading roadsigns, keeping the car cruising along at the limit, Drive reports. The E-Class will also help when it comes to evasive driving by tweaking the steering, according to Digital Trends, giving the driver more precise control.

One feature that may raise some questions in the security-minded is the ability to use your phone to unlock the Mercedes’ doors using NFC technology. According to Car and Driver, users can simply hold their phone to the door handle to unlock it before stepping inside. Some will no doubt question how secure such a system is, and whether it could be hacked by criminals as the technology becomes more widespread remains to be seen.

One other interesting inclusion by Mercedes is a new way of warning other drivers about road hazards. The car-to-car communication system allows E-Class drivers to warn each other of accidents and other hazards, keeping each other informed of any adverse road conditions.

Car and Driver also reports that work is being done to bring about a universal standard for car-to-car communications, which would allow such a system to become more widespread.

Some of the other new features include the ability to maneuver your car into tight spaces from outside using your smartphone, automatic braking, and improved safety features.

The 2017 E-Class will be on sale next year, and will likely retail for somewhere north of $50,000. It will be interesting to see how the other two main German manufacturers, Audi and BMW, intend to counter Mercedes-Benz’s technological feats, but I’m sure they’ve got some ideas up their sleeves.

Would you consider buying the new E-Class, or do you have your eye on something different? Does any of Mercedes’ new tech tickle your fancy, or does any of it put you off? Let us know below.