Marie Buchan: Benefits Mother-Of-Eight Believes Benefits Cap Could Leave Her Family Homeless

Marie Buchan and her eight children are living on government benefits. According to Mirror Online, Buchan, who has been dubbed as the “Welfare Queen” and one of England’s most controversial benefits moms, has been receiving approximately $40,304 worth of taxpayers’ money each year. But it appears her stable, financial foundation could possibly come crashing down due to the recent benefits cut for London residents.

Buchan has reportedly seen a $9,301 decrease in her annual income due to the whopping cut. Needless to say, she is completely mortified and has expressed concern about how she and her children will survive on just $31,003 a year. Buchan recently voiced her frustrations during an interview with Birmingham Mail where she made it clear that $31,003 a year is hardly enough money for her sizable family to survive on, reports Metro.

Although Buchan could probably earn the amount she’s lost by simply getting a job, apparently she insists that her children are her job and that she’d much rather spend her time raising them instead of looking for employment outside of her home.


“What really gets to me is I have had so much hate from over the world,” she told the Birmingham Mail. “People say I’m lazy and take, take, take. But I’m a mum of eight who is under the cap and works hard raising my eight children – a full-time job on its own.

However, she also argues there is another reason she cannot work outside of her home. Although she reportedly took job courses through the National Health Service (NHS), she insists most are concerned about her youngest child. Her 21-month-old will not qualify for childcare tax until the age of five, reports Opposing Views.

“I really want to work, but right now no-one is willing to help in any way,” she said. “All I’m being told is to wait until my youngest is five. Working 16 hours will help me so much – yet I will be taking more from the state by working through (help with) rent, childcare and council tax. Right now I’m not getting any help, even though I’ve tried every angle possible.”

Buchan’s perspective has sparked a heated debate. Although some sympathize with the mother-of-eight, others feel she’s only making excuses because she’s grown accustomed to the lifestyle she’s been afforded by the government.

Do you think Marie Buchan is stuck between a rock and a hard place? Or do you think she’s making excuses? Share your thoughts.

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