San Francisco Giants Fan Jumps Into McCovey Cove’s Chilly Waters To Retrieve Home Run Ball [Video]

A San Francisco Giants fan went to extreme lengths to secure Giants second baseman Joe Panik’s home run ball. Panik hit a home run during Friday night’s game at AT&T Park which proceeded to bounce off of Levi’s Landing in right field before falling to the sidewalk that runs along McCovey Cove in the San Francisco Bay. Once the ball hit the sidewalk, it bounced over the railing into the chilly waters below. However, that didn’t stop one avid fan from diving in for the catch.

In the video, you can watch as Joe Panik hits a homer into the upper stadium in right field. The ball bounces over the stadium railing, falling to the sidewalk along the cove below. As the ball hits the sidewalk it bounces high into the air before going over the railing into the water. However, one keen-eyed baseball fan noticed the ball and went in for the catch. The male fan didn’t let the cove’s railing stop him, instead he jumped straight into the water without even removing his letterman jacket.

Fortunately for the now cold Giants fan, he was able to retrieve the ball ensuring his efforts weren’t in vein. After the jump, staff from AT&T park helped the man exit the water back onto the sidewalk.

This isn’t the first time a home run ball catch has made its way into the news. This dad made headlines on Father’s Day when he caught a home run ball bare-handed while holding a baby in his other hand.

Would you dive into cold waters to retrieve a home run ball?

[Image Credit: Youtube]