‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer 2: Comic-Con Debuts Dark Second Trailer For ‘Dawn Of Justice’

Batman v Superman trailer time has arrived again. A new full-length trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just debuted at Comic-Con and online. It gives a full grasp of what the movie is about, showcases why Batman is so upset with Superman, and underscores some very dark plotlines. A report from Entertainment Weekly on Saturday (July 11) revealed that the entire cast was on hand at Comic-Con to show off the extended version of the trailer.

Warner Bros. Pictures did not hold back with the new Batman v Superman trailer, as it comprises a full three minutes and 39 seconds. That almost qualifies as a short-length film for the audience to enjoy. Rumors about the film not having enough excitement or action appear to be greatly exaggerated as well, with nearly the entire trailer devoted to action that involved Batman, Superman, and even Wonder Woman. Lex Luthor also paid a long visit, giving a quote that will probably be remembered for quite a while.

“Black versus blue. God versus man. Day versus night.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, recent news for Ben Affleck, who stars as Batman, hasn’t been completely positive. But one big rumor out there is that he has already been approved to write and direct a standalone film for the DC character. While that might qualify as a spoiler indicating he survives Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, anyone planning to see it likely would have guessed that already. At the Comic-Con panel, he even showed off the brooding look that has made he and Batman pretty famous.

Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), and Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) were all onstage at Comic-Con 2015, giving fans something they have been waiting a while to see. The presentation, along with the full-length Batman v Superman trailer, gives a lot of momentum to a film that won’t even be out for another year.

As reported on IMDb, the movie will hit theaters on March 25, 2016. It gives a lot of time for buzz to continue to build, even though it probably won’t be needed for a major motion picture like this one. In a film that is going to be used to set up a future Justice League spinoff, Batman v Superman trailer 2 does not pull any punches. Social media already gave it good marks, and the trailer might get more views than anything released recently.

[Image Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]