‘BuzzFeed’ Takes Over The List Of Top Media Publishers Once Again

BuzzFeed has taken over the list of top media publishers once again this month, according to a dataset developed in June. The information recorded was an analysis of the types of media and publishers being accessed on all social media platforms. It showed the top 10 media publishers according to social actions and signals, and was ranked as follows.

1. National Geographic

Total actions: 140.7M

Total content: 983

Actions per post: 143,117

Followers: 69.5 M

2. BuzzFeed Video

Total actions: 14.1M

Total content: 1,043

Actions per post: 13,507

Followers: 5.9M

3. BuzzFeed

Total actions: 13.9M

Total content: 2,623

Actions per post: 5,298

Followers: 7.9M

4. BuzzFeed Food

Total actions: 13M

Total content: 628

Actions per post: 20,726

Followers: 3.5M

5. National Geographic Travel

Total actions: 13M

Total content: 778

Actions per post: 16,681

Followers: 9.4M

6. Bleacher Report

Total actions: 11.5M

Total content: 1,758

Actions per post: 6,520

Followers: 5.6M

7. Hollywood Life

Total actions: 11.1M

Total content:4,575

Actions per post: 2,425

Followers: 3.3M

8. People.com

Total actions: 10.6M

Total content: 3,531

Actions per post: 3,016

Followers: 12.7M

9. The Huffington Post

Total actions: 9.8M

Total content: 8,011

Actions per post: 1,222

Followers: 11.3M

10. Playboy

Total actions: 9.6M

Total content: 1,686

Actions per post: 5,684

Followers: 19.7M

As you can see, BuzzFeed takes over the list of top media publishers with three of their publishing sites making it into the top five.

BuzzFeed has always scored high on this list, but June saw the first time that BuzzFeed Food has made it to the top 10. This is thanks to a 197 percent increase in user engagement compared to the month before.

The largest contributing factor to the sudden spike in engagement is a 218 percent increase in Facebook action, particularly video food recipes. A few of their video recipes went viral, which brought their numbers through the roof. Their most popular video by far was a tutorial on how to make a S’mores dip, which received more than 84 million views and was the cause of nearly 19 percent of all of BuzzFeed Food’s Facebook engagement.

There is a lesson to be learned for digital marketers regarding the content BuzzFeed creates and shares. To begin with, it shows an excellent example of a successful content marketing strategy. Most of their articles are short and sweet and deliver a message a majority of consumers can relate to.

They also have a unique way of publishing their URLs so that it speaks to reader engagement rather than towards search engines. Their URLs provide more “insider” information into the topic that’s being published, which is a clever strategy to make readers feel like they’re in on a little secret.

Thanks to their ever-evolving and growing marketing techniques, BuzzFeed is doing exceptionally well, and it doesn’t look like their collection of sites will be leaving the list of top media publishers anytime soon.

[Image via TheOdysseyOnline.com]