Terminator Salvation launches Twitter game

Twitter gets used for a lot of different things but this one from the marketing department behind the summer movie Terminator Salvation have come up with something new. Using a combination of Twitter and a website Sony has launched a game called Resistance 2018 that involves users on Twitter joining different resistance squadrons to fight the Terminators.

To play the game you first need to follow @Resistance2018 on Twitter and then head over to Resistance2018.com and sign in with your Twitter ID in order to read the instructions for the game. The idea being that you follow orders that are tweeted out and gain points by doing so. The more points you get the more opportunities you have to join special squadrons.

Some of the tweets posted about the various assignments and such will come with different coding

RA (Resistance Assignments)
WM (Word Mix)
TR (Trivia)
PT (Partial Transmission)
SW (SkyNet Warnings
plus more……

As Alex Billington noted on FirstShowing.net this is the first time anyone has tried anything like this so it should be really interesting to see how it fairs.

[hat tip to FirstShowing.net / graphic courtesy of FirstShowing.nhttp://www.firstshowing.net/2009/04/20/sony-launches-terminator-salvation-twitter-viral-game/et]

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