‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Solo HOH In ‘BB17’ House Has Two Eviction Targets

Big Brother 17 spoilers have the solo Head of Household (HOH) ready to make a move. In the BB17 house, the Week 3 Battle of the Block already took place, leaving just one HOH left in charge. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vanessa Rousso is the Head of Household now, and her two nominees for eviction are John McGuire (the dentist) and James Huling (the first HOH). On Saturday, July 11, a report from fan site Big Brother Network revealed who the target for eviction has become and how Vanessa plans on making that plan work.

Vanessa (the poker player) is still working with Austin Matelson (the wrestler and dethroned HOH) when it comes to the Week 3 eviction. Both houseguests are going after James, feeling that he is the next person that needs to be sent out of the BB17 house. At the same time, they have put out the illusion that Audrey Middleton is going to be the target of a “backdoor” after the Veto ceremony. That’s just a smokescreen, as Austin and Vanessa also have a backup plan ready to roll out.

There are going to be some exciting Big Brother 17 spoilers coming out following the Veto competition, because several houseguests may have no future in this game if it doesn’t go right. If James finds a way to win the Veto and likely takes himself off the block, Vanessa plans to nominate Jeff Weldon (from The Amazing Race) as the replacement. She feels that they have the votes to get Jeff out of the house right now. It introduces an interesting scenario where John could actually be put at risk.

John is only on the block this week because he decided to go along with the plans of Austin and Vanessa, throwing the BOTB competition in the process. He is playing the game for other people still, and that could come back to haunt him if he becomes the “pawn that goes home.” A worst case scenario for him would be if Jeff won the Veto and decided to save James, because then the entire BB17 house would start scrambling, meaning anything could happen.

The drawing for the Veto players has already taken place as well, with Big Brother Network reporting that James Huling may have no allies in the competition. In addition to James, the participants are Vanessa Rousso, John McGuire, Audrey Middleton, Austin Matelson, and Shelli Poole (the second HOH). It appears that the deck is completely stacked against James winning, but stranger things have happened.

After the Veto competition takes place, there are going to be numerous Big Brother 17 spoilers coming out. A primary one will be if John wins the Veto, will Vanessa try to talk him out of using it on himself?

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]