Dating Website Founder Accused Of Urinating On And Attacking Wife For Refusing To Perform Sexual Acts

The founder of a dating website, My Top Matchmaker, has been accused of attacking and urinating on his wife after she refused to perform sexual acts. Darrell Peter Boulby was arrested after he allegedly attacked his wife after she refused his sexual advances. The wife says that Boulby urinated on her head and shirt before attacking her. She claims she was held captive for nearly an hour before she was able to escape and call police from a neighbor’s house.

According to AZ Central, the police were called to Darrell Boulby’s neighbor’s house at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Thursday about a domestic dispute. Police found Boulby’s wife bleeding from the mouth with bruising above her eye and on her ear, nose, arms, and back. The wife says that after refusing sexual advances by her husband, he informed her that she was no longer needed as he had called two other women to fulfill his sexual needs. The pair then began to argue before Boulby allegedly gave his wife an ultimatum. The woman claims her husband threatened to urinate on her if she did not perform the sexual acts he desired. After refusing, the woman says Boulby urinated on her head and shirt before physically restraining her and physically attacking her.

The police report indicates that the wife accused Boulby of knocking her down and digging into her eyes with his fingers. She says he then struck her on the head and shoved his fingers into her mouth and down her throat making it hard for her to breathe. She says her husband held her captive for nearly an hour before she was able to escape and find help at a neighbor’s house.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple’s neighbor heard the woman’s terrified screams and knocking on her door. She says when she opened the door she found the woman wearing only a bra and jeans crying. The neighbor immediately called police to the scene.

“I just heard some screaming and banging on the door. I saw that it was a young woman wearing only her bra and her blue jeans, so I opened the door and she just fell into the house crying. I was sure that she feared for her life.”

Interestingly, Boulby’s matchmaking website boasts 30 years of matchmaking experience between all of the matchmakers with “each of them is in a loving, married relationship. Being happily married is one of the best ways to match make; we can teach the story of love.”

Police note that when they detained Darrell Boulby he had bite marks on his fingers. Boulby is declining to answer police questions and is currently being held on a $60,000 bond.

[Image Credit: Mugshot/ Police Handout]