Census Worker Stalks Dallas Woman For 30 Minutes: Sonia Platz Declines Voluntary Census, Government Employee Camps Out In Driveway [Video]

The survey isn’t just the type of population survey that is taken every 10 years — but it’s a housing survey. The city of Dallas, Texas is only one of the 25 cities that have been targeted for this special type of housing survey that will last through August. However, this one specific census worker’s approach to her job rattled Platz. Sonia spoke of the government worker going too far in trying to wait around and see if the Platz Family would change their mind and participate in the survey after all.

“She’s ringing the bell, knocking on the door. And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to participate.’ That is a whole, other level. That’s not following up. I felt like she was a part of the mob. Some people were stunned. Some people couldn’t believe it. They were kind of shocked like, ‘that can’t be a true government census bureau worker.'”

Indeed, it was a real census bureau worker, one of the 100-plus census workers in the Dallas area. The woman who showed up at the Platz home wasn’t the same one who’d showed up previously, said Sonia. The Platz Family had already received three letters from the United State Census Bureau, and Sonia’s husband verbally told the worker “no” when they showed up in person after the three letters were sent.

Anyone who doesn’t want to be stalked by U.S. Census Bureau workers can have their address taken off the list, says the federal government. As reported by the Inquisitr, another video going viral on Saturday, July 11 — besides the stalker census worker video — is Drake’s ‘Energy’ video.

[Image via CBS]