'Sh*t Flag Challenge': Woman Challenges People To Defecate On The American Flag [Video]

Tara West

A woman who goes by the name Nocturnus Libertus on Facebook has issued a challenge to people to "wipe your a** on the flag of imperialist nations" including that of the United States of America. The woman says that she is going to "hold an event" in which people across the U.S. will wipe their butts with the American flag, which she says will be held on Christmas day. Nocturnus Libertus says she will help anyone who wants to organize an event get their name out there while "protecting their identity" and "appealing to the masses."

The challenge is slated to take place on Christmas day all across the United States with groups organizing their own "sh*t flag" challenge at their specific location. The organizer claims that the event is a way to stand up to "white supremacy" and imperialism. The challenge comes after numerous groups have organized events to walk on or burn the flag. The Controversial Times notes that both those supporting and opposing the challenge were vocal on the Facebook page before it was taken down or made private. However, prior to the removal of the page, images of the woman wiping her butt with the American flag went viral.

Nocturnus Libertus says in the video that the challenge is to evoke more anger from "toilet-seat complexion individuals."

"So all y'all know what went on with this sh*t**-a** flag, right? And all these f***in' troglodytes gettin' mad because we steppin' on their precious piece of cloth made in China. So, I'm gonna start a new challenge … it's called the 'sh*t flag challenge.' Wipe yo a** on the flag of imperialist nations. That includes the United States. So you troglodytes, you toilet-seat complexion individuals get even more angry and more upset, we gonna hold an event on f***ing Christmas Day doin' this sh*t all across the U.S. and wherever else people in imperialist nations who suffered under the boot of white supremacy wanna do it."

What do you think about the flag challenge? Is it freedom of speech or disgraceful?

[Image Credit: Shutterstock]