Serial Disney Dine-And-Dasher Caught: Man Finally Busted After 10 Years Of Skipping Out On Tabs

A 51-year-old man has been targeting tourist destinations in Florida for a decade, racking up tabs and skipping out without paying. According to police, the man mainly targeted Disney World and was finally caught on Tuesday after trying to flee from a $92.65 tab at The Wave Restaurant in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Fox 23 News reports that 51-year-old Jerry Moody was arrested by Orlando police on Tuesday after he tried to dine-and-dash at The Wave Restaurant at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. However, this wasn’t a normal dine-and-dash arrest. Moody was a “serial dine-and-dasher” and had been scamming Disney restaurants and nearby tourist locations for 10 years.

According to Click Orlando, Moody admits that he “preys on the tourist area” and focuses most of his efforts on Disney. Police believe the man is homeless, but note the man has a very “clean-cut” appearance, which likely helps with his dine-and-dash success. Police say that Moody has been arrested a dozen times since 2005 and openly admits to his dine-and-dash tendencies. In fact, on one particular occasion, Moody asked the server why they were even serving him food if they knew he wasn’t going to pay.

The dine-and-dashing was frequent. In fact, it was determined upon arrest Tuesday that the previous night, Moody had dine-and-dashed at a restaurant at the Polynesian Resort. Despite numerous arrests and trespass warnings, Moody says he ignores the consequences simply because he “likes to come to Disney.” For the serial dine-and-dashing, Moody has been charged with defrauding an innkeeper and trespassing on property after a warning.

The arrest was made possible thanks to a keen-eyed waitress who, according to Macon, identified the man based on a description from the previous night’s dine-and-dash at the Polynesian.

“A waitress recognized him as fitting the description of a man who tried to do the same thing at another lounge the previous night.”

Police reports show that Jerry Moody has been arrested on Disney property five separate times and was told not to come back on Disney property. Therefore, the dine-and-dash resulted in not only a defrauding an innkeeper charge but also a charge of trespassing on property after a warning. Moody is being held on a $5,100 bond following the offense.

Disney has not made a public comment on the case.

What do you think of Jerry Moody’s 10-year dine-and-dash spree? Should any additional charges be filed due to the ongoing nature of the offenses?

[Image Credit: Disney World/ mugshot]