TNA News: TNA Still Attempting To Sign Three Top Wrestling Stars, Not Planning To Give Up Anytime Soon

TNA Wrestling, if nothing else can be said in favor of them, are quite resilient. They refuse to die and have fought to stay going for some time. While many fans have abandoned them, they are still fighting and hoping to not only improve, but also bring in old and new fans alike. They realize that they cannot just do this, they have to bring people in that fans care to see.

The issue is, many do not know if TNA can manage to do this. According to Daily Wrestling News, TNA is going after former WWE Champion and current AAA Mega Champion Alberto El Patron, formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE. El Patron has stood out massively since leaving WWE and has been a huge part of AAA and even Lucha Underground.

The problem for Alberto El Patron is that although he does not want to go anywhere else at this point and loved Lucha Underground, he is not happy about the unconfirmed dates for the second season of the show. Basically, he doesn’t know when or if he will work for Lucha Underground any time soon.

There is little to no talk going on for Lucha Underground and its second season dates. Talents are currently in the dark and many are upset with the lack of communication going on. This could lead to many wanting out of their deals, but it is uncertain as of yet if this will go down. El Patron merely worked by dates, so he is not under a deal as of yet.

El Patron

TNA sees all of the issues going on and realizes that it would be the perfect time come in and offer Alberto El Patron a deal that he won’t want to pass up on. TNA is not going after only one major Hispanic name. They are also going after another former WWE Champion in Rey Mysterio. TNA is attempting to sell the two on the idea that they will know their dates with TNA far in advance, which will give them plenty of time to take any other dates that they might want.

TNA is still going after WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler as well. WWE recently did an injury angle with Ziggler, which may be a way to write him off TV until he is ready to sign a new deal with them. Ziggler appeared on a radio show recently where he gave the impression that he signed a new deal with WWE. However, that was not the case. He still has to sign something new soon. It is uncertain if he will as of now however, hence the idea to write him off if they cannot come to an agreement soon.

TNA is set to offer Ziggler a lot to come in, but many of his close friends aren’t wanting him to go due to the uncertainty going on with TNA and their TV deal with Destination America. No one knows if TNA will be in business this time next year. That said, the only legit pro-wrestling job on the market in America is the WWE. Other than that, he will have to work the Indies. It is said that Ziggler would be fine with that and could make a good living on the Indy scene due to his WWE run.

Rey Rey

The problem is that he would have to wrestle up to the standards of the Indy scene every night, which may be a dream for some but not when they are in their mid-thirties. Ziggler leaving WWE would be a sign that he wants something lighter wrestling wise and that he wants to take advantage of the interest he has in the entertainment scene. That said, TNA could offer him a good deal with a smaller schedule. He’d be able to wrestle but also take advantage of the time has available to do other things.

That said, we cannot rule out Ziggler going to TNA simply out of the money they’d offer combined with the schedule.

The fact that TNA is going after a lot of top names available or soon to be available means that they are not thinking about giving up any time soon and plan to fight until the bitter end of the company. The problem with signing these people is that many others will be on per date deals, while the top guys are under a contract. TNA has been letting deals end without re-signing anyone to a new deal once they end.

It makes sense to think talent would be upset with even more former WWE names coming in. We will have to see if TNA stars continue to leave or not. One would imagine that if TNA can stay with Destination America past September, it might interest people more in coming in or staying. Until that point, we will have to wait and see what occurs.

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