Duggars Can Rest Easy: Jill Dillard Arrives Safely In El Salvador With Baby Israel, Husband For Mission Work

The Duggar family recently said an emotional farewell to daughter Jill Dillard and grandson Israel as they left for “long-term” mission work in a previously undisclosed location. The Dillard family shocked fans when they announced they would be leaving for a “long term” international ministry mission with their newborn baby in tow. The family gave little details on the mission work other than they would be moving “abroad” for a “long term” stay. However, it was recently revealed that the “secret” mission location was El Salvador with the S.O.S. Ministries, a group the Duggars have worked with in the past.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the location of Jill Dillard’s mission work was disclosed by a family friend on Instagram, which indicated that the Dillard family was headed to El Salvador. Many had speculated that Nepal would be the young family’s home since Derick had worked in the area previously. However, it appears that Jill went with a Duggar family favorite, S.O.S. Ministries in El Salvador. The Duggar family has helped at the El Salvador missionary compound in the past, so the choice is not that surprising. However, unlike previous missions, Jill Dillard says the family plans to stay “long term.”

It seems that Duggar fans can breathe a sigh of relief as S.O.S. Ministries says the Central America team has arrived safely. According to a Facebook post by the group, the new Central America team arrived in El Salvador on July 5. This would align perfectly with when the Dillard family was seen in an airport in Texas and their last known appearance in Arkansas. In addition to comments noting that the team arrived safely, the mission duration was also revealed. So, how “long term” is the latest S.O.S. Ministries mission?

“Please pray for our month-long team to Central America as they are arriving today. Pray that God will use them for the growth of His kingdom as they help the poor and preach the good news to those who are perishing. The teams will be in country until August 2nd.”

It appears, unless the Dillard family is signing on into a leadership role with the ministry, that the family will be in El Salvador for one month. The group is slated to depart the country on August 2. Though the mission is not as long term as many had expected, considering the family typically only works in the region for a week, this mission is considerably longer than previous mission trips.

What do you think about Jill Dillard’s decision to pursue missionary work in El Salvador? Did you think the “long term” mission would be longer than a month?

[Image Credit: Instagram]