Jidenna: Light-Skinned People Are Seen As Rich, White, Heavier Target For Being Kidnapped In Nigeria – In America, Police Might Give You A Pass [Video]

There is a reason the name Jidenna is seriously trending on Twitter. First off, the fact that Jidenna tapped Kendrick Lamar for a remixed version of his popular “Classic Man” song, as reported by SPIN, is causing some 37,600 tweets about the trend to bring Jidenna’s name to the trending list. But more than likely, it’s the honest comments Jidenna made about being a light-skinned man in Nigeria that is causing some to react to his words, as seen in the video above.

“Our family was light. When you’re light-skinned you’re a heavier target for being kidnapped. Because you’re seen as more valuable. You’re seen as white. You have more money. We were robbed. Our family has been assaulted. It’s different. For us, we’ve always been a target. When you come to America, it’s different.”

Published to YouTube on July 9, Jidenna’s interview with VLAD TV is certainly gaining plenty of reactions on social media, with some missing the absolute beauty of Jidenna’s words about being yourself and finding your specific purpose in life.

“It’s better to do your purpose imperfectly than to do someone else’s purpose perfectly.”

At this point, Jidenna’s views on what he has personally experienced as a Nigerian man mixed with Caucasian blood are being trampled by some.

“Although you’re mixed, although you’re lighter, which can have certain privileges…these can represent certain challenges.”

The light-skinned Nigerian-American complimented Caitlyn Jenner — a woman whose crash video went viral on Friday, July 10, as reported by the Inquisitr — for being who she was meant to be in life.

Jidenna called it a beautiful thing when people want to live as they truly are, and noted that it would likely be different for an African-American man to make the same transition in the spotlight. That’s when the conversation shifted from sexuality and gender issues to matters of race and racial identity.

Jidenna said his mother warned him about growing up bi-racial in America, and Jidenna explained the views of the Igbo people where he hails from in Nigeria.

“The fact that you have African blood in you is gonna make it hard. When you’re light-skinned, you’re a heavier target for being kidnapped because you’re seen as more valuable. We were robbed – our family’s been assaulted. We’ve had a lot of issues.”

Jidenna explained how he avoided violence while visiting his Nigerian village to go to the funeral of his father, where he brought weapons, military-style protection and more.

“I had to bring a lot of AK-47s.”

On Jidenna’s Instagram account, he’s receiving feedback from those who have seemingly completely missed the point that Jidenna has actually been to Nigeria and is relating his own experiences.

“You’re not a target or going to be kidnapped because you are light skin going to Nigeria. Who ever told you that is a fool. And please chill with dissing us like that. Igbo people are also very light skin like you. So please don’t bring yourself out [sic] cus you mixed. Haven’t even been to Nigeria you talking. SMH”

[Image via YouTube]