Kylie Goes Blue: ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Star Debuts Wild New Hair Style

Kylie Jenner is going blue, the latest drastic fashion change for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians style icon.

The 17-year-old debuted a new blue hair style at the launch of the Bellami Beauty Bar in West Hollywood on Thursday. Kylie was happy to share the blue look with fans, posting some selfies from the hotel balcony.

Kylie explained that her new hair color was an attempt to change things up.

“I just wanted to do something different and fun, and I haven’t switched it up in [a while] so… I’m just having fun. It took a while, so it’s kind of crazy but it’s fun,” she told E! News.

Kylie also got attention for her outfit, the Mail Online noted, a low-cut jumpsuit that left her midsection exposed.

This is not the first time that Kylie Jenner has experimented with blue hair styles. Back in April, she appeared with her normally dark hair changed into a bright tint of blue. But just as soon as she debuted the look it was gone, and Kylie was seen with boyfriend Tyga and her normal hair again.

The quick change confirmed that Kylie was experimenting with a wig, but it appears she was a fan of the blue hair style and now has made the change (semi) permanent.

She confirmed to E! News that the latest hair change was the result of hair dye.

“It took a while, so it’s kind of crazy,” Kylie admitted, “but it’s fun.”

But Kylie said the hair dye is not from her fashion and beauty line, but rather something of her own making.

“I dyed them,” she explained. “They don’t make them this color, so they’re really custom.”

While Kylie Jenner has no problem stepping into the spotlight for her fashion choices, she may be getting ready to leave the reality television game. Life & Style Magazine reported that the recent attention around her father’s transition to become Caitlyn Jenner and her own relationship with Tyga have left her with “no interest” to continue on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“Kylie is going through a tough time right now. People forget she’s still just a kid. Sure, she’s rich and famous and living the life, but she’s also a regular teenager going through the same stuff all teenagers go through — like hormones. She gets terrible mood swings and there are lots of times when she feels like hiding from the cameras. The last thing she wants to do is talk about her feelings in front of the whole world – she doesn’t even want to talk to a therapist. Kylie is telling her family she has had it with everyone and everything.”

But even if she does leave the show that made her famous, Kylie Jenner will always have social media to let the world know when she’s dyed her hair blue.

[Image via Instagram]