David Fincher Suspicious Of Ben Affleck’s Marriage After ‘Gone Girl’ Performance?

Director David Fincher is suspicious of Ben Affleck after his apparent ease at playing his role in Gone Girl. The director claims in the DVD commentary that Jennifer Garner should probably be watching him a lot more closely.

It is true that Ben Affleck has had a history of playing roles in movies where he gets away with a lot. In Armageddon, he ends up convincing Bruce Willis’ character that in spite of their differences, sleeping with his daughter was actually an indication of a healthy relationship. In Dogma, he convinces Loki that taking over the grand re-opening of a Catholic church is a move toward their ultimate freedom. In Daredevil, where the actor met his wife, he convinces her character that they belong together despite her reluctance.

These are all fictional roles, but possibly indicate Affleck could be too good at lying and covering things up.

The Gone Girl director noticed that in Affleck’s role as a man who lies to and cheats on his wife, and maintains a public facade, he pulls it off a bit too naturally. In light of Affleck and Garner’s marriage problems, David Fincher’s suspicion has been given light on the public media.

The director’s statement was actually made before the couple’s marital problems arose.

“This is something that Ben is extraordinarily good at, when he has to cook up a phone conversation, when he has to hear somebody on the other end of the phone.

“If I was his wife, I think I would be very suspicious, always, of whoever just called. [Because] he has a real gift at being able to insinuate a conversation.

“He has to do these things in the foreground where he takes out his phone and looks at it and he puts it away so his sister doesn’t see it. There are people who do that and it’s too pointed. But Ben is very, very subtle and there’s a kind of indirectness to the way he can do those things.

“Probably because he’s so duplicitous.”

Do you think David Fincher is suspicious of Ben Affleck for the right reasons? The timing of his DVD commentary seems eerie with Affleck and Garner’s marriage issues getting the spotlight.

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