WWE News: Brie Bella Says Daniel Bryan Is ‘Doing Really Well’

Amid speculation and doubt of his future as an active in-ring competitor, Daniel Bryan continues to be on the mend and is making progress.

Bryan’s wife and fellow WWE superstar Brie Bella recently spoke with the Mirror to promote the newest season of Total Divas. However, when discussing her husband, Bella claims that he is “doing very well” as he continues to recover. But at the same time, his current injury has cast doubts and uncertainty on him.

“You know he’s doing really well, he is, but it has been very hard. This injury unlike any other has just been the hardest because in the past we at least knew ‘okay it’s surgery, this long to recover’, he unfortunately had a relapse, but then we knew how long it would be to recover after the relapse. But with this one it’s so unclear and that’s the hard thing.”

Bryan is currently out of action indefinitely for the second time in the past two years. Last year, after capturing the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania 30, Bryan was forced to vacate the championship soon thereafter due to neck issues.

He returned to active wrestling at this year’s Royal Rumble event. Although unsuccessful in winning the Rumble, Bryan did capture Intercontinental gold at Wrestlemania 31. But much like last year, injuries forced Bryan to vacate the championship soon thereafter.

The exact injuries were unclear from the start. While many believed that it was reoccurring neck issues that were giving him troubles, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart revealed his thoughts on Bryan’s condition, stating that he was suffering from the same concussion issues that forced Hart to retire. He also believes that Bryan’s career as a wrestler is done.

“Daniel Bryan is finished. He’ll never wrestle again. I don’t think he knows it yet. I feel terrible about Daniel Bryan. For all intents and purposes, he had the exact same thing happen to him that happened to me after Bill Goldberg kicked me in the head [ending Hart’s career].”

As Bella further discusses Bryan and his recovery process, she reiterates her previous comments, sticking to her belief that her husband will eventually return to the ring, a belief he shares with his wife.

“As a wife, to put myself away from wrestling, as a wife it’s so hard to see your husband go through this. I mean, you know when doctors are starting to think, and you see his dreams come crashing down, it breaks my heart. To the point where I wish I was in his position and he was in mine because I hate seeing him like that. But my husband has so much fight in him and he tells me every day ‘I’m getting back in that ring, just you watch’ and I’m like ‘oh I bet you will’. I have his support 100% and I really think he will get back in there, I really do. He doesn’t see it any other way.”

[Image by Erika Goldring/Getty Images]