Candace Cameron Bure Says She Would Have Baked Cake For Lesbian Couple, Also Gets Support From Gay Friends

Candace Cameron Bure is best known for her role as DJ Tanner on Full House but this week, she has taken on the role of the defender of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. She had an interview with The Blaze talking about the whole spiff with Raven Symone on Tuesday as she sat in the hot seat on The View as co-host all week long. It was called a heated debate, but Bure didn’t seem too heated at all.

Of course, that is no surprise that she defends the Oregon baker, considering that the actress is a Christian and holds the same views on gay marriage. However, what is a surprise is that she said that she would have handled things differently if she were in their shoes. She said in the interview that she would have baked the best cake ever for that gay couple.

“I don’t think that I would have handled it the same way. I probably would have seen that as an opportunity. I probably would have provided that service. If I felt uncomfortable being at the service, I would have provided someone else in the company that would. I would have made them the best cake I possibly could.”

She explained that it is her right to do that, just as it was the right of Sweet Cakes to refuse to provide a cake for the lesbian couple. It was previously reported by the Inquisitr that the whole point she was trying to make was that everyone has the right in America to choose who they associate with. It sounds like Candace Cameron Bure has quite the support from others that feel the same way. However, she also has the support coming from some of her friends who happen to be gay.

The 39-year-old has been best friends with a Buddhist, who is quite liberal and shares opposite opinions than she does. They have been friends since they were 15-years-old and they don’t let their differing views affect their friendship. She also received support from some gay friends as well.

“My favorite part were all the texts that I got from my … very close gay friends that were saying, ‘We love you and we can all have different opinions, and you fight for what you believe in and I’m going to fight for what I believe in.'”

This is a perfect example of the love and respect that Candace was talking about on The View. She told the women on the panel that people need to get back to love and respecting each other, even with differing opinions.

Bure also had a phone interview with USA Today and she told them that people has judged her just based on her being a Christian. She may do things that differently than other Christians may do, such as baking that cake for a gay wedding.

“Whatever the right side thinks or the left side thinks of me, I think none of them would actually have it right because you don’t know me personally. It’s very easy to slap a label on someone. It’s very easy to assume that you know everything or all the stories behind someone’s heart, and their thoughts and opinions, and it’s just so much more than that.”

Even though this heated debate between Candace Cameron Bure and Raven Symone was all over the news, the Full House star said that they hugged it out and talked during the commercial breaks.

Are you surprised that Candace would have baked the wedding cake that Sweet Cakes by Melissa chose not to?

[Photo by Mike Wendle/Getty Images]