Jared Fogle Wire Recording: FBI Investigation Heats Up As Authorities Examine Key Evidence

Jared Fogle’s wire recordings have provided FBI investigators with key information, and a friend of the Subway spokesman claims that Fogle told her that “middle school girls are hot.” He also spoke about his attraction to underage girls on several occasions, the Daily Mail reports.

As reported by multiple news outlets, several police officers and FBI agents raided Jared Fogle’s home on Tuesday to investigate possible child pornography charges. Federal agents began searching Fogle’s residence, located in the town of Zionsville, Indiana, around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. Authorities confiscated several items, including computers, DVDs, and Fogle’s cell phone. The evidence was analyzed in a mobile unit installed near the entrance of the residence.

According to People magazine, the raid on the home of the famous voice of the Subway fast-food chain came after the arrest of the former general manager of the Jared Foundation, Russell Taylor, for child pornography allegations. Fogle was questioned by FBI agents but was not arrested. His wife and children left the home shortly after the arrival of federal agents.

“They weren’t chased out,” his attorney, Ron Elberger, told the publication. “The officers were quite nice. They were professional and courteous.”

As of the time of this report, Fogle, who has “been cooperating with law enforcement and its investigation,” has not been arrested or charged with any crime or offense. However, Subway has suspended its relationship with Fogle until further notice.

Jared Fogle’s wire recordings are currently under examination by authorities, and a Florida woman reportedly provided FBI agents with vital information that ultimately led to the raid on his home. According to ABC 7, the woman, who chose to remain anonymous, claims she often spoke with Fogle.

The relationship began 10 years ago, and during their time together, the woman says Fogle made inappropriate comments on several occasions.

“He said something to me when we were off camera and that really stuck with me. I thought to myself, ‘did he really say that to me?'”

FOX 59 says that federal authorities have confirmed to them that the woman did, in fact, wear a wire to assist in the investigation, and the listening device was also used to record phone conversations between the two.

Although there is not much information as to what is said on the wire recordings, the woman claims “they weren’t jokes and they were very serious.” She says Fogle’s remarks were so alarming that she decided to contact the FBI, which eventually led to her wearing a wire.

[Image via Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images Entertainment]