Spanish Singer Serenades 380 Embryos At Barcelona IVF Clinic [Video]

While many mothers understand the power of music and sing to their unborn babies, a Barcelona IVF clinic decided to take this a step further with a scientific and musical experiment.

Singer-songwriter Antonio Orozco hails from Barcelona and recently gave a live concert to 380 embryos at the Institut Marquès IVF clinic in the city to prove the power of music as it relates to unborn children.

Orozco is famous in both Spain and Latin America for his singing and songwriting, but this gig was one of the most intimate in which he had ever participated and, in fact, the most unique in the world as he serenaded 380 embryos in the IVF clinic in Barcelona Monday.

Tweet translation: “Thanks Antonio Orozco for collaborating in our research on embryos concert.”

He strummed his guitar and sang beautifully in front of dozens of incubators and said it was a unique experience. While the video above shows him singing in the IVF clinic is in the Spanish language, it is a worthwhile watch for the music alone.

According to the Local, the new research being run at the IVF clinic is based on the findings of a paper “Impact of exposure to music during in vitro culture on embryo development,” which was presented by the Institut Marquès in 2013 at the annual meeting of the European Society for Assisted Reproduction.

Tweet translation: “Antonio Orozco gave a concert for the embryos”

According to that paper, it was proved that musical vibrations increase the success rate of in vitro fertilization by 5 percent and also helps improve the development of the embryo itself.

In an article on the IVF clinic’s official website titled, “First live concert for embryos,” Institut Marquès said, “That is why we have developed an innovative method to incorporate music in all our embryo incubators.”

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, head of Assisted Reproduction, said in the statement, “With this system, we are moving forward in our efforts to reproduce in a laboratory the natural conditions embryos enjoy in utero in order to improve fertilization rates.”

Orozco said that he thinks it is marvelous that Dr. López-Teijón and her team are “applying this principle to their research and making sure music plays a part in life from the very first day.”

Orozco himself said he had enjoyed a “unique experience” and said that this reminds us that music is one of the most primitive forms of human communication, applauding the IVF clinic for their work.

“I think it’s wonderful that Dr. Lopez-Teijón and her team have applied this principle to their research and consider that music should be part of life from day one.”

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Anyone interested in hearing more of Antonio Orozco’s music can enjoy the video included below.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]