Wiz Khalifa, Word Master, Will Pioneer Selfie App For New Music

Wiz Khalifa is showing the world that he is a musical history maker with his ascent in the charts. But is there something special about his ability to make songs — and is he making a wise move by releasing his next music release on an app?

Many singers and rappers consider themselves to be “lyrical masters,” but is it possible that Wiz Khalifa actually has a predisposition to be good at freestyle music or words in general?

Currently, Wiz Khalifa is on top with his music in a way that does not happen often for rappers. Regardless, after the 12th week in a row at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts, Wiz Khalifa has officially made rap history with his song “See You Again.” HipHopDX also points out that Wiz Khalifa was topping music sales charts around June 20.

His ability to make one hit after another can make fans wonder if “Wiz” is short for “wizard” instead of wisdom. In fact, science shows that there is a lot of proof that Wiz Khalifa may have special abilities to create rap music in the first place.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there has been some debate about Wiz Khalifa’s lyrics being at a third-grade reading level. Regardless, there is one scientific study that shows the type of freestyle rapping that Wiz Khalifa does is something special.

Healthline reported in 2012 that freestyling “is a crucial component of the art of rap, and has been since the early days of the genre. At its best, freestyle rap is thrilling in its spontaneity and profound in its ingenuity.”


But what makes rappers like Wiz Khalifa so good at freestyle? The scientific study that Healthline references says freestylers like Wiz Khalifa have an easier ability to utilize their “medial prefrontal cortex, which regulates how thoughts and actions are motivated.”

Although no one has hooked Wiz Khalifa up to machines that monitor his brain while he raps (that we know of), it is obvious that he has special talents with words. To challenge that, on July 10, MTV took Wiz Khalifa’s ability to manipulate words and asked him to spell in a video interview.

MTV writes, “Wiz Khalifa has a way with words. He knows how to make them rhyme, he knows how to deploy them creatively in raps, and knows how to use them to make a point.”

They then go on to challenge Wiz Khalifa to spell difficult words that begin with the letter “Z” (due to his Boys of Zummer tour).

While MTV may have been trying to get Wiz Khalifa to prove himself as a smart person — his mother clearly stands by the fact that he was gifted from the beginning of his life.

In an interview with #GLife published on August 9, 2013, Wiz Khalifa’s mom, Peachie Wimbush, said she always knew he’d be special from birth — and that he was as “smart as a whip” and was a quick learner.

Now, Wiz Khalifa is hoping that his smarts lead him in another positive musical direction. On July 10, Contact Music said Wiz Khalifa plans to release future music on the Selfie website. They quote Wiz Khalifa stating the following about Selfie.

“Download this app right now, it’s called Selfie.com It lets you talk to me directly. Like I said, I’m going to be putting out some new music a little bit later. The only way to find out what, or when, or what it’s for, is to get it right here.”

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