Another Duggar Sex Scandal: ’19 Kids’ Family Member Sued For Spreading Herpes

The Duggar scandals keep coming, with a report that a 19 Kids and Counting family member was once sued for spreading an STD, after failing to tell his sex partner that he had herpes. With the side-hugging during courtship and no sex before marriage rules that are imposed on the Duggar clan, it may surprise the show’s supporters that yet another sex scandal has surfaced.

In May, TLC pulled 19 Kids off the air shortly after Josh Duggar’s sexual molestation scandal was revealed, with no word when — or if — the show will return. This week, Radar Online uncovered a rather disturbing lawsuit that was filed against Terry Jordan — Amy Duggar’s father and Jim Bob’s brother-in-law.

The lawsuit isn’t a recent one — it dates back to the early 1990s — and while it’s not as scandalous as Josh admitting that he “inappropriately touched” his sisters and another young girl, it adds to the growing number of negative stories about the Duggar clan.

According to court documents, Terry Jordan, now 52, was accused of having unprotected sex and infecting a woman with the herpes simplex virus. The suit, dated December 1991, states that Jordan was negligent because he didn’t tell his partner that he had the STD, and he “willfully engaged in sexual intercourse with the Plaintiff.”

The unnamed woman claimed in the suit that she suffered from herpes outbreaks after having sex with Jordan, something that resulted in “extreme emotional distress.”

“Terry Jordan willfully engaged in sexual intercourse with the Plaintiff…knowing at the time of the sexual intercourse that he was a carrier of the herpes simplex virus.”

The lawsuit was later dismissed, but Terry’s problems didn’t end there. His current wife, Deanna Duggar — who is Jim Bob’s sister — once filed a restraining order against Jordan after he threatened to kill her and their daughter Amy.

Although Terry Jordan isn’t a main cast member on 19 Kids and Counting, he has appeared many times on the show. Aside from working at a plastic recycling plant in Arkansas, Terry is known for his paintings that feature inspirational Bible verses, one of which hangs in the Duggar’s home. He tells Examiner’s Jackie Kass that he is inspired by the Duggar family, and fully supports and loves them.

Although Terry’s STD lawsuit is a thing of the past, many fans are wondering if any other Duggar family scandals will surface, and if 19 Kids and Counting will ever come back to TLC.

[Image: Duggar Family/Facebook]