Mother Facing Cruelty Charges For Allegedly ‘Beating’ Her Child With A Belt For More Than An Hour

On Thursday, July 9, the Baton Rouge Police Department arrested a mother on suspicion of child cruelty after she allegedly “beat” her child. Although some parents definitely disagree with the notion of “sparing the rod,” apparently, local officials are arguing that this mother took the sentiment way out of context. It has been reported that the prolonged beating lasted for more than an hour.

According to WAFB, Renora Seaberry is behind bars for the beating of her child. Officers were dispatched to Seaberry’s apartment after receiving calls about the child’s agonizing screams. The caller indicated that the beating had been going on for “more than an hour,” according to the police report. It has been reported that the child suffered “severe bruising and swelling,” with visible bruises on both arms and another large mark on one leg.

When Seaberry was questioned by investigators, she admitted that she’d hit the child with a belt on both arms and legs. However, local authorities argue that her actions far exceed justifiable punishment. In fact, her actions are being described as “extreme and unjustifiable punishment.”

Renora Seaberry is currently being held in East Baton Rouge Parish Jail. According to NOLA, no bond has been set for the 35-year-old mother. Surprisingly, her actions have sparked quite a debate. Of course, many readers condemned Seaberry’s disciplinary methods but there have been some who have also questioned the series of events that led to the punishment. However, regardless of the circumstances, the American Academy of Pediatricians insists “striking” a child — also referred to as “corporal punishment” — is never an effective disciplinary action.

“The American Academy of Pediatricians strongly opposes striking children for any reason,” said Stacie LeBlanc, the executive director of the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center. “There are at least 25 studies out there showing that spanking is not only ineffective, it can also cause psychological and emotional harm.”

Do you believe corporal punishment is ever justifiable? Share your thoughts.

[Image via East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office]